The Stock Exchange welcomes Thanjira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (TAN) to commence trading.

Thanjira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, a lifestyle and fashion retailer, is ready for trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 18 with a securities value at the IPO price of 4,950 million baht, using the trading abbreviation “TAN”.

Mr. Manphong Sinanarong, Deputy Director, Head of Securities Issuance Department The Stock Exchange of Thailand revealed that the stock exchange welcomes Thanjira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited to register and start trading on the stock exchange. In the Services industry group the trading category using the securities trading abbreviation “TAN” on October 18, 2023

TAN operates lifestyle and fashion retail. There are a total of 5 brands in operation, and the company has exclusive rights to import and sell world-famous products, including the Pandora brand (“Pandora”), a leading silver jewelry manufacturer from Denmark. The Marimekko brand (“Marimekko”), lifestyle products with distinct prints and colors from Finland, and the Cath Kidston brand (“Cath Kidston”), modern vintage lifestyle products from England.

The group also owns brands in the Harn (HARNN) and Vuudh (Vuudh) groups, which provide body care, skin care, spa and aromatherapy products. Harn Group’s products are used as flagship products in the Group’s spa business and its spa franchisees, in addition, TAN also has product distribution rights in Vietnam, Japan and Singapore. There are currently 131 branches at home and abroad.

TAN has a post-IPO paid-up registered capital of 300 million baht with a nominal value of 1.00 baht per share, consisting of 222.5 million existing ordinary shares and 77.5 million additional ordinary shares. This initial public offering of common stock is a public offering of stock raising aggregate capital stock offered for sale to individuals at the discretion of the underwriter. Institutional investors or legal entities who can participate in the Book Building Survey People who have a relationship with the company. and the company’s employees and subsidiaries from October 9 to 11, 2023 at a price of 16.50 baht per share, representing a fundraising value of 1,278.75 million baht and the value of securities at the initial public offering price of 4,950 million baht, with Kasikorn Securities PCL as financial advisor. The underwriters and underwriters of the subscription

Mr. Thanapong Jerapanichkul, CEO of Thanjira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, revealed that becoming a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand represents another step of success and pride for TAN throughout the past. TAN has the competitive advantage of brands under a diversified portfolio and has a high growth rate. Covering lifestyle product groups, spa companies, spa franchises, and food and beverage lifestyle companies. Has experience in brand management and has an understanding of consumer behavior and can respond well to the lifestyles of customer groups Within the concept of “bringing the best of the brand to the best of Thailand” there are distribution channels covering both online and offline in the country. And abroad it also has the potential to grow in the future to become a leader in the regional market. After being listed on the stock exchange, TAN plans to continuously expand its business system. Creating growth for brands within the portfolio and expansion into related business groups. Including adding new product brands to create long-term sustainable growth

The main shareholder of TAN after the IPO is Mr. Thanaphong Jirapanichkul Group, which directly and indirectly owns shares, totaling 74.17 percent, and the company pursues a policy of distributing dividends to shareholders. At least 40 percent of the net profit from the company’s consolidated financial statements after deducting corporate income tax. After allocating reserve funds as specified by law and company regulations, however, dividend payments may be considered different from the stated policy. It depends on the operating results, financial liquidity, the need to use working capital to manage the business and future business expansion plans, including the economic situation

Investors and interested parties please see details from the company’s prospectus on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at And general information about the company on and on

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