More and more people are flocking to see! Famous Millionaire Tour compressed galleries to remove selfies from the gallery

You saw it and didn't like it…? The famous Millionaire Tour after the gallery was forced to remove the “Self-Portrait” from the exhibition

On May 16, 2024, according to a CNN report, there was severe criticism when… “Gina ReinharAustralia's richest millionaire and the now 70-year-old has contacted the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to remove her image. It is one of 21 works “Vincent Namatjira” Aboriginal artist that has been brought together in one piece in an exhibition called “Vincent Namatjira: Australia in colours”

“Vincent Namatjira” Aboriginal artist who won the Archibald Prize for this work said: “I envision the world as I see it. People don't have to like my paintings. But I hope they take the time to think and reflect. 'Why is this Aboriginal person painting these powerful people?' What is he trying to communicate? Some people might not like it. Some People might find it funny but I hope people look beneath the surface and see the serious side too.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Australian Visual Arts (NAVA) has come out to express its support for the artist and his work. “Penelope Benton” This was stated by the CEO of NAVA “Although Reinhart is entitled to her opinion on this work, she does not have the power to pressure the gallery to withdraw the painting simply because she does not like it. He expressed concern that the Emperor's demands to remove the image were being met “It sets a dangerous precedent for censorship and stifling of creative expression.”

According to the information, the painting “Gina Reinhart” was displayed alongside paintings of other famous figures such as the late Queen Elizabeth II, the American musician Jimi Hendrix, Vincent Lingerie, the indigenous rights activist, and former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be displayed starting in March. Until July 21

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