Apple Watch, the perfect companion for golfers. Providing expertise covering everything from distance to golf courses.

Apple Watch is a versatile device for golfers that keeps them active, healthy and connected. Plus a bunch of great golf information apps that give you information about the course. Including tools and insights to help track and improve their play.

The High-Frequency Motion API in watchOS 10 leverages Apple Watch's latest accelerometer and gyroscope to detect rapid changes in speed and acceleration. It is a tool that helps developers. Golfshot game Create new experiences full of innovation. It helps users improve their golf swing and performance. In golf, Golfshot's new Swing ID On-Range experience launches today. Leverage this API to detect the exact moment a golf club hits the ball, and Apple Watch sensors provide comprehensive analysis of a golfer's swing. From the beginning of the movement to its end, users of all skill levels can precisely track key swing indicators, including tempo, tempo, backswing, transition (change of direction in the swing), and wrist path (wrist position) to improve your game.1

While you're on the course, Golfshot also provides GPS distance stats, scores, automatic shot tracking, swing analysis, and automatic strokes gained, all available on Apple Watch, so golfers can track every shot. And see the distance to the green, hazards and target in real time. With data from more than 46,000 golf courses around the world, Apple Watch also offers automated data collection processing while you're on the course. So users can experience the full review after a round of golf. and advanced statistical analysis on iPhone to improve their play.

“Fulfilling the power of Apple Watch has been a top priority for Golfshot since launching the first Apple Watch in 2015,” said Alex Flores, Head of Growth at Golfshot. “The innovative features of Auto Shot Tracking and Swing ID are powered by Apple Watch and machine learning.” Advanced. It really helps golfers improve their game. By giving them real-time personal information on the devices they already have.

Golfshot is a third-party app that focuses on playing golf. It's available on Apple Watch.2 There are also other golf apps for Apple Watch that provide unique functionality to help golfers in several ways, including:

  • Follow every shot. Get accurate distance adjustments per yard in real time. You can also set up the flagpole directly on your Apple Watch. arcos The official play tracker of the PGA Tour
  • Look at the diagram of the hole. The distance the ball is in the air (carry) View of the ball entering the green (approach) as well as a heat map of the green shown by color intensity. An arrow shows the slope to read the shot. And all of this can be seen from the wrist too. GolfLogix
  • Track your scores, stats and distances, and get access to free golf GPS on your iPhone and Apple Watch, too. The Grint
  • Get important information at a glance with Apple Watch, including distance, maps, scores, and shot tracking. Hole19

Apple Watch features for golfers

Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a durable titanium case. Its sapphire crystal face and Apple's brightest display make it easy to read under the sun on the golf course. Plus, this sturdy and capable device has up to 36 hours of battery life for regular use, or get up to 12 hours of Outdoor exercise with the best use of GPS and Apple Watch GPS.

Top view of a golfer looking at his Apple Watch.Top view of a golfer looking at his Apple Watch.

Golfers can track their activity throughout the day on Apple Watch through the Workout app and view calories burned during their rounds. Apple Watch also helps golfers stay connected by helping them receive important messages. Right from your wrist while using gestures Double Tap on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 makes it easier to view and send messages when only one hand is available.

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