“La Pu Pu” explains the amulet, ignores the drama and refuses to follow the trend of people getting tattoos, both positive and negative.

“Ajaan Am Sripromyan” Kum Sethi Muyan Yant is the first and only person in the world to reveal the tattoo to his younger sister, refusing to follow the “La Bu Bu” trend that clarifies the concept of tattooing. Revealing the tattoo on his sister's back that points to the Buddhist virtues of charm – kindness – good luck, he said the business was very successful.

On May 19, 2024, reporters reported that a Facebook page named “seeharat89” had shared a picture of a woman with the letters “La Bu Bu” tattooed on her arm. He posted a lot of criticism on social media. So reporter Acharn Am Sripramyan Kum Sethi Muyan went to meet the elephant. Zach Yant Office The owner of that post is “Ajarn Siharat Muyanyan”. To raise funds to create an image of Sap's Pu Dao Vesuan Dhanapadi while traveling to donate and bless Fa Ba Samaki. At Non Payom Temple, Fayu Sub-District, Fayu District, Sisaket Province

Master Am Sripromian said he has been tattooing for at least 20 years and has Thai and foreign students. All in all, tens of thousands of people are beginning to know that his daughter likes Labuboo. He had never known Labupu. Then I had an idea whether it would be good to take Labupu and make it into a amulet. I've seen others do it online. So we took it and wrote a character in our own style in Labupu Tayatu. Then add the shape of the laboo to the shape of the money bag. Be alienated from him and then enter the mantra taught to you by the teacher. In fact, the teachers had never taught anything about Labupu before. He himself came to compose music. Then take the mantras of great charm and good luck and combine them into written forms. Then I took a photo and sent it to the LINE family group. He found his younger sister strangely beautiful and wanted to get a tattoo. So he tattooed his younger sister first. He later posted the clip on social media and it became a trend.

“As for the Buddhist virtues of the Labupu amulet, it is associated with great charm, grace, fame and good luck. Once the tattoo was done, it got a good response with people liking, sharing and commenting. A lot so he thought that Labupu also had the charm to bring money and gold. To make people ignorant. Not saying this. But it's a strategy to think about. And he didn't follow any trends from my kid,” said Prof. Am.

Professor Am added that from this case, I would first like to inform you that the only office in Thailand where horoscopes can be viewed is the teacher's office. Or before performing various rituals and tattooing as regards the Labupu Yantra form, it is considered a special Yantra. With the daughter's wish so I carved it into a lapubu amulet and posted it in my family's group row. My sister loved it and embraced it. And the first person who gave his younger sister a tattoo is now the only person in the world who posted a picture of his younger sister with a Labo Boo tattoo on Tik Tok and many people who saw the picture on Tik Tok called and inquired.

“The teacher must first explain to the tattooed person. With each person's beliefs and preferences about the style of the tattoo, it is an example of letters, lines and different colors that are based on previously set specific teacher values ​​lines and letters. As for Labupu tattoo design, the author has not yet set the author. As for the person who got the Laboo tattoo, she is the teacher's younger sister. I work as my own business, after tattooing, I feel better, and the number of clients is constantly increasing. Talking about the trends during this period, we agree that there are both positive and negative. For those who are familiar with the teacher's identity, as for the negative tendency, the positive tendency is the teacher acting properly. Because our mind is already elevated. There are two teacher offices that may not be thought of or noticed: Chetty Muen Yan School, Nonthaburi Province and Kum Muen Yan School. Nakhon Si Thammarat province students know the teacher well. And personal preference Next week, I am also traveling to Dubai to get a tattoo,” said Professor Am.

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