‘Dr. Fever’ appoints ‘Chairman of Kanchanaburi Provincial Administration’ and prepares to move forward immediately with new Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital.

In the case of Election Commission of Kanchanaburi province, the presidential election is confirmed. Kanchanapuri Provincial Administrative Organization On August 30, Mr. Kanchanapuri Provincial Administrative Organization resigned from the post of Chairman. He succeeded Surabong Piasot (Dr. Nui). The election to assume the post of Deputy Minister of Transport is scheduled for October 22, 2023.

The election is already over. The back of the chair should be vacant for the election of the Chairman of the Kanchanaburi Provincial Administration. Because former Prime Minister Mr. Surapong Pyasot jump into the big political field Today he is the Deputy Minister of Transport, there are only 2 candidates competing for the position: No. 1, Lawyer Wee – Chukwei Changpao, a famous lawyer. Team Future Khan with No. 2 Dr. Watt – Dr. Prawat Kithamkulnit, former graduate director of Dan Makam Thia Hospital from team Palangan and respect both of them as villagers know.

The election results were as expected. Doctor Huadu defeated lawyer Wei by a landslide. Grab the President’s chair and come and take charge of the Kanchanaburi Provincial Administrative Organization as per your wish. Ready to strive for the development and prosperity of the people of Kanchanaburi

A supporter of Kalanidhi Pravath, Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. A large number of people and familiar friends like Mr. Akkaranan Kangittinan S. District came to congratulate Surapong Piasot at his home today. 1 Kanchanapuri MP, Mr. Banom Bogaev, District 5 MP, Dr. Rathapon Vetshanasudhi, Subhanpuri Provincial Public Health Doctor. Dr. Prawat and Mr. Surabong’s close friend come to greet me.

Dr. Prawat said that he would like to thank him and his team for every vote and every encouragement. A new Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital will be started immediately in Kanchanapuri Province for your ability to perform the duties of Mayor of Kanchanapuri Provincial Administration ready to look after the people of Kanchanapuri. To be a hospital with potential comparable to private hospitals with modern medical equipments meeting standards including qualified doctors and nurses under the management of Kanchanaburi Provincial Administrative Organisation.

For my job I once accepted a post as the Director of Dan Makam Thia Hospital, Kanchanaburi Province, which has developed this hospital. Until then, popular with the people, when the election of the Provincial Administrative Corporation President took place, he resigned in favor of the medical team and nurses. Ready to come and work for the people till elected.

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