“Jumbo Jumps” – “Depa” organizes soft power! Aiming to upgrade the skills of Thai game operators Make games to enhance Thai identity in order to penetrate the global market.

Monday, October 23, 2023

Jumbo Jumps Company Limited, a Thai game development company, joins forces with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) to organize the Soft-power Up! Make games to promote Thai identity in order to penetrate the global market. “Project REGULUS” case study along with a group of expert speakers to share knowledge about the Thai gaming industry to entrepreneurs and the new generation of young people through PROJECT REGULUS at Jumbo Ja Representatives Company was developed in collaboration with important partners like TV TOKYO to strengthen our position in promoting and developing the potential of Employees in the Thai gaming industry. To meet similar standards of international entrepreneurs at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

This was revealed by Mr. Manna Prabakamon, Managing Director, Jumbo Jumps Company Limited “The company aims to push the gaming industry to become one of Thailand’s creative industries (creative economy) by spreading Thailand’s distinctive identity and culture (soft power) through developing private IP-based games for export to the global market.” Ready to deal with every change in the future, that’s why Jumbo Jumbo Co., Ltd. organized a seminar this time. In collaboration with the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), the goal is to exchange knowledge. And a game development experience that brings Thai identity to an anime-style fantasy game through PROJECT REGULUS, a turn-based action RPG. At Jumbo Jumbo, this game was developed in collaboration with key partners such as TV TOKYO, and we used this game as a case study. Hence this symposium provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs, students and employees involved in the gaming industry. The general public interested in making games will gain knowledge about the modern Thai game industry. “We are ready to update on interesting trends about the gaming industry in Thailand and abroad,” Mr. Manna said.

Mr. Chulanop Santipong, Director of the Department for Industrial and Commercial Development Promotion and Support, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, said “The gaming industry is one of the targeted industries in the country. It has continued to expand over the past several years, which Deba sees as an opportunity and aims to push the gaming industry to grow systematically. Within the framework of the master plan to boost the country’s digital economy by promoting and supporting the development of Capabilities, providing opportunities, and laying the foundations of professional competence for workers in the industrial sector, including students and interested citizens through the mechanism and various projects.”

Soft power seminar! Making games to promote Thai identity in order to penetrate the global market. The REGULUS PROJECT case study includes interesting discussion topics such as encouraging, supporting and developing Thai gaming entrepreneurs. They have demonstrated their potential and developed their skills for international competition. Including expanding opportunities for the growth of entrepreneurs in the Thai gaming industry by Mr. Chulanop Santipong, Director of Industry Promotion and Support and Business Development. PROJECT REGULUS: Digital Economy Promotion Agency, Promoting the Game with Soft Power for Thailand Written by Mr. Subarirk Muntri Suksirikul Assistant Director of Jumbo Jumps Co., Ltd., who will tell you about game development methods that use cultural elements to create a unique identity that will help the game stand out and make it unforgettable, PROJECT REGULUS: The concept and process of bringing soft power as a main component of the game content by Mr. Kamonpat Siriwong Na Ayutthaya, Producer and Mr. Sahatat Chatwiriyakul, Creative Director of Jumbo Jumps Company Limited, explaining the main content of the game currently in development. And the methods of selecting soft power to integrate with the story and various in-game elements PROJECT REGULUS, and the design and adaptation work (adaptation) of Thai identity culture to suit the content of PROJECT REGULUS by Mr. Suthepong Kanthi Moon, Art Director of Jumbo Jumps. Co., Ltd., which shared strategies for adapting games with Thai cultural elements for the global market. In addition to the importance of balancing Thai culture and the game world to emerge as a fantasy world with a unique identity and culture that fits perfectly, the REGULUS project was used as a case study in the symposium. It is still in the development phase and will be ready to officially open for service by 2024.

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