Is it true that “drinking fat-dissolving tea” you should know… “Benefits of Oolong Tea”

tea It is the drink that people drink more than others. (Water does not count). Chinese people usually drink tea after meals. Some drink between meals. Some people drink it throughout the day like water. Some people think so Drink tea to help dissolve fat. Can tea really reduce fat?

especially Oolong tea (or oolong) comes from 乌龙茶 (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese 烏龍茶 wūlóng chá) pronounced as Oolong Cha (not Oolong (if pronounced with Mandarin dialect)) It is one of the most famous types of Chinese tea that many people know. It is often a regular drink in Chinese restaurants. Drink and cut the fat in Chinese food. It helps improve the taste of food as well

So you should know. Benefits of oolong tea And What is the best time to drink tea?

Drink tea with dessert or dim sum is good. (Cr.image by Freepik)

Origin of oolong cha Direct translation is Black dragon tea Which has many legends. As you know, Chinese people have been drinking tea for more than 2,500 years.Oolong tea (Oolong tea) is said to have originated in the Tang Dynasty. (618-907 AD) in the high valleys of Fujian Province. This is called timeWhite cloud tea They were of good quality, hard to find, and became a tribute to emperors in the Song Dynasty. (960-1279 AD)

Later, during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), another type of oolong tea became equally popular: Weiyansha Chinese language Tea is grown in areas with rocky mountains and streams. Tea trees grow in crevices of rocks. Tea was popular among the aristocracy until the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).

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Another legend says that in fact, Chinese people drank in the pastGreen tea and red tea (Foreigners call it black tea) Before the process of making oolong tea was known, it was recorded Oolong tea Made in 1796 in Northern Fujian Province, Taiwan.

Origin of name Black dragon tea It came from a Qing Dynasty warlord named Long. He was a large, dark-skinned man, and the villagers called him Long. Oolong (U stands for black/lost – dragon)

Is it true that One day, Oolong chased a deer through the tea fields. While he himself was picking tea leaves, he was carrying a tea basket on his back. But when he chased the deer, he left the tea basket behind. Oolong woke up the next day and found that the tea leaves in his basket had not been dried in the sun. Change from green to dark green. But it smells more fragrant than before.

Therefore, it is a sourceOolong tea is developed by fermenting, roasting and kneading through the oxidation process. CanOolong tea That soft-tasting scent between green tea and red tea. Everyone’s favorite

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Where does tea come from? There are two main types of tea: Small leaf tea or oolong tea (Camellia sinensis) originates from Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangdong, and is grown in many regions in China and Taiwan. The tea with large leaves is called Assam tea It grows in Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, and is a subspecies of the tea family. It is popularly used to make western tea.

Green tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, red tea, white tea, tiguanyin (Tiguanine-Mandarin) Xue Xian Boyer (普洱茶 – black tea) (except flavored teas and herbal teas) are called by different names according to the production process. If they all come from the same type of tree the tea is a small leaf tea

Moreover, from the weather conditions and growing space as well as the processes of storage, drying, fermentation, curing, drying, roasting and baking over fire, it causes an oxidation process with air. Which causes different smells, colors and flavors

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Benefits of oolong tea: Oolong It is a semi-fermented tea. The taste is not bitter and very strong. Drink it and your throat will be calm, soft, fragrant and refreshing. It has properties for treating and preventing diseases, such as reducing obesity and preventing diabetes. Reduces the risk of heart disease and may help improve brain function. Helps protect cells from free radicals. Protects against type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

Numerous vitamins and minerals such as manganese, potassium, magnesium, sodium, niacin, fluoride, and antioxidants including flavonoids, theaflavins, thyrobicin, catechins, and caffeine help stimulate the central nervous system. Enhances heart and muscle function

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Beliefs about drinking fat-dissolving tea: The doctor said the polyphenols in oolong tea help stimulate the fat burning system for the better. Therefore, it may prevent obesity. There is research for people with obesity. Drinking tea for 6 consecutive weeks found that body weight decreased, but actually drinking tea and directly melting fat is unlikely.

But drinking tea helps digestion. Helps stimulate appetite, repair greasy, repair oily. Revitalizing the body and feeling active

What is the right time to drink tea? Drinking time Oolong tea Not everyone’s results are equal. But it’s enough to put it together

morning Best of all, the caffeine in tea helps create vitality, improve concentration and boost metabolism.

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afternoon L-Theanine is a type of amino acid. It has properties that help with relaxation, brain flow and good mood.

In the evening and before bed Some people drink tea and feel sleepy quickly. (depending on each person’s body) but it should not be drunk directly before bed.

Drink on an empty stomach, drink before meals There are no contraindications, and some believe that drinking it before meals helps with the digestion process. But if you drink it on an empty stomach, you should not leave it empty for a long time. You must find something to eat.

Drink before exercise 30-45 minutes will help generate energy. Makes you feel alert

How many cups of tea should you drink daily? One cup of oolong tea, approximately 8 ounces, contains 30-50 milligrams of caffeine, and the amount of caffeine is less than red and green tea. The amount of drinking 2-3 cups a day should not exceed 5 cups, as this may cause you to feel anxious. Not feeling relaxed. Some people may not be able to sleep.

Is it true that Oolong tea, a drink for health (

Precautions: Users of stimulants such as amphetamine, cocaine, and ephedrine should not drink alcohol.Oolong tea Including drinks containing caffeine. Because oolong tea has a tonic effect on the nerves. If taken together, it may cause anxiety. Irregular heartbeat or other side effects may occur, and pregnant women and children should not drink alcohol.

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