Seriously! SET strictly examines the naked short. How to View a Short Sale

area “Project Trade Value” The trading plan shows what the ratio of daily trading volume is Non programmatic trading I mean, how much is the main business person? This trading program is offered by many securities companies (stock companies) to small investors as well.

is also “Program Trading for Every Security” This benchmark is set to include only securities whose prices have changed significantly.

Criteria for selecting stocks included in the trading plan?

Mr. Rongrak said Stocks eligible for “project trading”. For trading, SET specifies 2-3 criteria: 1. Increase or decrease in share price should be more than 10%.

2. Has a trade value of more than 50 million baht, but if the share is less than 10% and the trade value is more than 50 million baht, it will not be pulled up or appear on the list in any way.

and 3. Both SET and mai should be listed shares in stock exchange. In case of other types of bonds like DW, DR etc., they will not be mentioned. inappropriate

“Determining this level to determine that there are abnormal movements in the stock. And if there is abnormal movement in the stock and it is caused by the trading plan, we will show it. But if you think the +-10% setting is too high, SET will ask you to reconsider it.”

Ms. Bhattaravasi said in the past that the volatile period It is found that no more than 5-10 securities have price changes of more than 10%. And SET summarizes the list of “program trades for each security” at 7:00 PM at the end of the trading day.

Ready to open a short sale group name?

Mr. Rongrak said one must first ask what the purpose of the SET is to disclose short-selling information to a group of investors. So what’s the point? If it is useful information for investors, SET is willing to take note of it. But today, SET has released the information for your viewing pleasure. What is the ratio of short selling data? Which stocks are sold short?

Regardless of whether it was shortened by foreigners. Or individual investors may consider it in decision-making. “If he’s shorting that stock a lot, that shows what he’s looking at. Shorting means the stock is going to go down.” But do foreigners think the stock will not do well if foreigners short more or not?Personally, I think every type of investor’s views may be different.

Understand “Program Trading”.

Seriously!  SET strictly examines the naked short.  How to View a Short Sale Chairman of the Association of Thai Securities Companies and Managing Director of Pualuang Securities Mr. Bisset Siddi-Amnuay said she wants to understand “program trading” first because it can be very confusing to use. Several features include:

1. It is a business plan that companies use regularly and have been using for a very long time. For example, if you want to trade a large number of large stocks. Of course, it doesn’t send a one-time command. Otherwise, there will be a problem of price rise. Therefore, institutional investors use moving averages to buy or sell every hour throughout the day. Or if the volume comes time weighted or averaged according to the volume of that stock called volume weighted. Can we use a key person instead? It can be done, but it’s tiring because humans are human and have limitations. , so order dispatch algorithms have been used for a long time and are widespread throughout the world. And brokers allow small investors to use such schemes as well. This is a sample submission.

2. In the past, analysts would sit and look at charts to determine support and resistance levels and at what price to buy. But now we’re seeing a lot of using computer programs to capture signals rather than using people to watch. Of course, using technical theory to capture buy-sell signals is not a single answerable theory. So instead of using someone to look at a diagram and explain 3-4 theorems, use a machine to capture them. Suppose there are 200 stocks, you can grab them all. Use the program to send orders This is a trading program. Many brokers do this too. And I believe many retail investors have done this and become attached to the trading plan.
They have been doing it for a very long time.

3. Brokers doing DR, DW, sending orders like making 10 or 100 series, don’t use people to sit and press orders. A machine must also be used to view. If asked if it is a business plan or not, it definitely is.

4. What we encountered and the most controversial is that “High Frequency Trading or HFT” is fast. Programs are written by world-class programmers. They asked if it had an impact on the market or not. There must be some level. A quick in and quick out affects the short playing group. Command keys are not fast. It affects only certain groups and not all groups. These 4 points are the characteristics of a trading plan.

“Will this trading program or trading robot kill the market? If we look at the 4 characteristics of the trading program, we can see that point 4 affects the specific investor group. Not every group of the Thai stock market. We accept that there are different types of investors in the market today. We have fast entry and fast exit, medium holding. , short holding, long holding, all mixed together. If you ask whether there is an impact or not, it may be in a particular group of investors. Does that particular group of investors influence the market or not? I would like to say that this behavior happens in every market around the world. It does not happen in every market. .This may only happen at certain market moments and may have certain consequences.

How to spot a short sale

Short sale transactions (short selling) are rules that exist in every stock market in the world. Although there have been recent cases in some countries, this is considered a general rule. And the price mechanism works well because it is a mutual investment that makes the mechanism to work in the market. But there is a problem. “Naked Short Selling” Of course, we don’t want anyone to “catch a tiger with bare hands” is not just a stock, but selling and repurchasing stocks.

In the cases mentioned above, there will be probes from SET and SEC, especially brokers, which will be probed all the time. Lists are randomly drawn to check whether brokers have done anything unusual or not. Whether it is intraday or intraday trading, they are all scrutinized. Personally, I believe both companies are trying to investigate. As in the past, there have been cases that have gone under investigation, been caught and convicted. It is believed that this will now be checked on a regular basis.

In “High Frequency Trading or HFT” commissions, costs tend to be cheaper than that. We have liberalized the commission for almost 10 years. It cannot be said that commission is cheap and expensive. Because each broker has different business characteristics. Some brokers have several large investors. Some brokers have some, some brokers have a lot of HFT. 40 brokers are believed to have very diverse business activities. Each broker has a different trading platform. If that broker gets enough income. It is the broker’s right to be open for a long time. It depends on how much the investor earns for the broker. It depends on the negotiation between the investor and the broker.

How do you view HFT?

There is practically no official disclosure. Because every broker’s client is the broker’s inside information. But it’s easy to see. How high is the broker’s volume compared to the broker’s income? To easily see the picture, you can open the budget and compare it with the volume. Because I have to do it to see my competitors. You can see who did it. Anyone with high volume but not high income is probably right.

Can a business plan be sold in a short period of time?

Mr. Bichette replied that he could.

Steps to Catching a Naked Short

Confirming that SET has earlier arrested and punished member firms in the case of naked short selling, Mr. Rongrak said. SET has actually figured this out as naked shorting is against the law because allowing naked shorting would be like catching a tiger with your bare hands.

The inspection process of the stock market will examine the member companies. Is it possible to find out if the purchase and sale took place on the same day? Don’t forget that every transaction has a timestamp. If you send a sales order, it will have a clearly specified time. You can check if the stock is available at that time or not. That is the duty of SET.

Ms. Bhattaravasi said that in the case of naked short on the foreign side, even if the shares are deposited with the custodian, the broker should confirm with the custodian whether the client who sent the sell order has the shares in the portfolio or not. The custodian has a time stamp, clearly, selling naked is a criminal offence. If the Securities Act is found, the matter will be forwarded to you. The SEC immediately takes legal action against those involved. SET can be checked. There is even a contract within a day, as each transaction clearly marks the time. Historical data can be tracked. Importantly, the transactions must match the information in the organization. Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. or TSD, if unusual, indicates that transactions have been altered or concealed. However, the custodian service provider is a global company with a reputation and credibility that must be maintained. Hazardous data modification is not possible for the benefit of a customer.

How much will November 20 trade holiday affect the market?

Mr. Rongrak said that we strive to fulfill the duties of the Stock Exchange of Thailand as a market journal. We try to provide investors with as much information as possible. Our mission is to conduct business with transparency. and disclose information that investors think they need to know to inform investment decisions. As of today, we are publishing a report that investors can come and view various information that may be of interest. This is not a secret.

Mr. “I think investors are diverse,” Pichet said. In the past, it might have been a group of entrepreneurs coming to invest. But now there are many varieties. Of course, there may be dissatisfaction from some investors, whose techniques may not be as profitable as expected. This is the charm of stock market. As diversity is high, there is some dissatisfaction. Appointment is his right. As a broker, you have a duty to provide information. Investors can get better returns

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