Industry Group Invites Agencies to Discuss Progress in Moving Cadmium Waste – Chemical Plant Fires

“Agaratage” Industry Group Chair to Accelerate Discussions with Agencies to Follow Progress on Cadmium Waste Transportation Quickly find the cause of the fire at the Rayong-Ayutthaya chemical factory. If it's an arson case investigations should be expedited, emphasizing the importance of having an incident response plan.

Date: 15 May 2024 MR. Akaratage Wongpitakroj of Industrial Authority (MPT), Ratchaburi District 4 MP. And Ruyam Thai Sung Chart Party (RTA) spokesperson revealed in Parliament. Regarding the issue of cadmium waste being considered in the committee meeting, today the industry group called on the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Industries, Department of Industries, Mines, Pollution Control Department to discuss what progress has been made in punishing the violators of the Act Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO), Office of the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). Both government officials and entrepreneurs because the last meeting was about transporting cadmium waste. As of today, we will follow the progress to see how many points have been completed in moving cadmium waste and how many tons.

Accredited also reported that the initial move to Bangkok has been completed. So, I would like to hear whether the move has been completed or not in Samut Sakhon Province, Rayong Province. Regarding factory license case because many factory licenses are pending. In the last meeting, the Director General of Industries Department was invited to give a briefing. Most of the problems are caused by incomplete documentation. Hence additional documents should be sent back to the company for submission. But if the documents are complete, the Director General of Industries Department is expected to start issuing factory licenses (Ror. 4). He also expressed his opinion that according to Prime Minister Mr. Setha Thavisin and Industries Minister Mrs. Bimbatra Tyykul, RR4 certificate will be issued. Hurry there. This is necessary because the country needs to accept investment from investors.

“Delay in issuance of RN4 certificate affects economy and investment conditions. But the important thing is that if the license is granted, the operator must be monitored to comply with the law and follow the regulations. Licensing does not mean lack of supervision. This causes illegal businessmen to harm the people, the environment and pollution in the society.

The reporter asked further. In the case of a recent factory fire, are there any signs of a fire or not? When heatstroke is caused by extremely hot weather, it can happen more often. We cannot prevent, but it is important to control the fire quickly. So today the Industrial Committee and therefore agencies involved in fire control like Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DPWH), Department of Industry were invited. What are the standards for responding to fire incidents or fire control plans? To check readiness for fire control

This applies to cases of arson, evidence of combustion or waste from an industrial plant. The fire is suspected to have started in Rayong Province and Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. Legal action should be expedited against those involved in criminal activities. And I think the investigation process will find the real cause and bring legal action, which is seen as something that the Ministry of Industry is speeding up. On the question of how to create a public notification system in the event of a fire, Mr. Accredited said. Be it an arson case or an accident. An incident response plan is critical. Proposals for this will be presented in today's meeting. At least in the event of a fire, people should get the news and be prepared. How to behave in the event of a fire including what the operator should do when controlling the fire.

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