When I was invited to a wedding and my friend asked me to wear a suit |

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 1:48 PM and 45 seconds IST

This has become a trend that foreigners and Japanese are talking about. And going to a wedding is very cool for the user Gundam mobile suit From the outside, it's just a regular cosplay and shouldn't be anything new. Especially on an island like Japan where dressing like this is common. But the point being made was that the event he went to was no ordinary cosplay event. But it was his friend's wedding. We know that at weddings we have to wear suits to attend. Mr. Zgoczoguk was actually wearing a suit, but it was the Mobile Suit Gundam (the same suit) so it became a funny fad.

The person who posted on X wrote that “I was asked to wear a suit to a wedding after party, so I showed up in a mobile suit.” I was completely speechless when I saw something like this. Because the outfit he was wearing was actually a suit, but it was a mobile suit (is it a suit or are you arguing?) At the event, the Japanese came in and teased and said if you forget to tie the event tie, it doesn't look good. Some people said they couldn't argue with him at all. Some say that Tray's suit

And if you are afraid that Brother Zgoczogok will be abandoned by his friends. (My wife told me to stop) I can rest easy because this is a wedding for cosplayers. As people at the event will be wearing costumes from manga and anime to attend the event looking from the back, we can see characters from the manga version of Yu-Gi-Ho GX standing in the back. But what is even more worrying is that he may find it difficult to sit and eat. But getting news like this is worthwhile.

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