Non Damdong talks about her resignation. He announced that he will not stop playing Likay. Received many faculty requests: PPTVHD36

“Noon Damdong” or “Noon Netchanok” spoke for the first time after she decided to resign from the Likay group “Sornram Namphet”, causing heavy drama.

after “Ntchanok appeared” or “Damdong noon” He cried announcing his resignation from the Likay team “Sornram Namphet” because he felt uncomfortable and had no one to talk to.

Later, Surnaram Bank came out to confirm that there were no personal problems. Grieving the loss of a friend he had known for 8 years, he resigned and said he wanted to know the reason behind Nambit, Punk's older sister. He came out and said another point of view: waiting for you to come back and talk. It is expected that they are upset with the bank and do not understand each other.

Recently, Noon came out to open for the first time on the show. To the whole story

He revealed his preparations to deal with the various dramas that come his way. “Actually, I'm dealing with a certain level of anxiety. No matter how good things come, negative things must follow. Keep some of your heart in mind. But sometimes it's too strong to stop. Solve the problem with calm first. Step back.” Really when you cry, if not all the time. I won't cry at all because we are also the pillar of the family. I won't cry. With the role of “Dam Dong” that I have been playing for 5 years, at the beginning of this year, it has become a saying An overnight trend.”

After that, the problems that had occurred and led to the choice to resign became clear. “It's more of an internal story. (Have you tried to adjust your understanding?) We talked, okay, no problem, back off. Actually, before the live broadcast, we actually talked. Before, when playing, it was like everyone was uncomfortable playing. But not All the other people, on April 27, I took a break first and I was feeling sick too so I sent all my feelings through Facebook to someone else and the people who were with “Auntie Duangkaew” (Sornram’s mother) sent it all in my heart Before the live broadcast, we talked and explained things, everyone didn't know whether to leave or not, and there were only two people talking.

Rest assured that you will never stop playing Likay. As I continued playing, other groups came to approach me. But now, if there was any other faculty that I had not been to before or was not yet familiar with, I took the opportunity to tell him that if I had the opportunity, I might come and invite him. Wait until you are ready. But now I want to play with my father's group in Korat. Then I asked to play with friends I know. We've been invited to play before. I haven't decided which college I'll go to yet

Afterwards, Noun recalled her life growing up with the Lekari Club. “I have always been with the Likay family. I play with my father's group. Then I came to play with 'Sornram Namphet' and I grew up playing in the Likay factory. I see him every day already. My mother gave me a dress to wear. We actually remembered the verses. My father's Likay group is a group in Korat. There is always work coming.

Life changing point at age 15 Grandpa is sick and bedridden. Dad has to stay and take care of Grandpa. Noon and the mother is playing, whoever wants to play, let him go. The journey is difficult. Have to take the bus My mother doesn't know how to drive, and has been constantly running since I was a kid. The word “no food” has always been there. I will live in a rented house. I never had more than 200 baht with me, and Likay doesn't get it every day. When you get money, you spend it, it's not enough, but you won't starve, but it's very difficult. If you don't go play Likay I want to sell meatballs in front of my house, I was doing that for a long time before I came to Sornram Namphet group, I got kicked out of my rented room. Because he didn't have money to pay rent for 4 months, he said there would be someone else to rent. Let him sleep in front of the house first. There was a car coming to carry things.

Then “Uncle Monrak” (Sornram's father) called and invited him to stay with him. She agreed to stay with him. The timing was perfect and I didn't know where I was going. My first job was 1200 baht, which was a lot of money, and I gave it to my mother if I wanted to buy anything, I could buy it on the first day of play, there were no prizes in front of the stage. I started playing heroine roles first, playing with Sornram Namphet for 8 years, and playing Dum Dong for 5 years, which was a turning point in my life. He's been busy for a long time.

I admit that Dam Dong changed my life very quickly. Once this trend emerged, everything came together at the same time. The story of Dam Dong was that the group did not play for a long time. And when the day comes back to play, the people who want to play can't come to play. Uncle Monarch let me try to play. There will always be hosts who ask for this. Come to fever during this trend. There is a host who requests attendance every day.

When asked how much tiara she got, it was 2 million baht as for the Hyundai car she got as an advance fee. Now buy a house in Ayutthaya. I am happy to have a home. I never dreamed it would be like this, as long as I have a job and my mom doesn't starve, I'm fine. The day I got my own car, my knees gave out. Now I don't let my parents play Likay anymore. He was very tired. But I still keep going.”

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