Collected from the Premier League on May 14, “Man City” beats “Tottenham” to decide the championship in the final.

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He collected interesting points from last night's Premier League battle, in which Manchester City beat Spurs 2-0, retaining the advantage before deciding the champion in the final on Sunday.

soccer Premier League England for Tuesday 14 May 2024 Tottenham Hotspur The team that ranks fifth in the table plays the home team. Manchester city Former champion

In the first half, each team had the opportunity to score a goal, but was unable to do anything. Until the start of the second half, Erling Haaland shot the ball close enough to help Manchester City lead 1-0, and then Tottenham tried to speed up the game and had the opportunity to equalize with Son Heung-min's solo shot that saved Stefan Ortega, and then during stoppage time… The visitors were awarded a penalty and it was Haaland himself who added the second goal himself and helped the Blues win 2-0.

As a result of this match, Manchester City collected 88 points from 37 matches, surpassing Arsenal once again to the top of the standings by two points more than the Gunners, which means that the former champions are now in control of their destiny. Because if they win the final match, they will win the championship immediately without having to care about the results of the “defender”.

Unlike Tottenham, who lost this match certainly lost their chance to be in the top four and secure a share of the Champions League next season, with Aston Villa ensuring a top-four spot to compete in the Big E Cup for the first time in 41 years.

Most importantly, “Golden Spurs” still has the right to lose fifth place as well because Newcastle is 6 points behind but has played less than one match, so if “Salika Dong” can win the remaining two matches and Tottenham lose the last match, Newcastle will soon overtake and take the top spot. 5th place as he had a better goal difference of 12 goals.

Collected from the Premier League May 14\"Manchester City\" Smashing \"Tottenham\" Determine the ultimate champion Collected from the Premier League May 14\"Manchester City\" Smashing \"Tottenham\" Determine the ultimate champion


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