Is the house broken? The young engineer is shocked when he realizes there is no sperm, and the doctor still can't answer. For whom does the wife give birth?!

The young engineer was shocked. The sperm count turned out to be “zero” and I was confused. The Doctor must clarify quickly before he demolishes the house!

Dr. Gu Fanjiu Urology specialists share their experiences in treating interesting cases. He said he had in the past counseled a 40-year-old patient, an engineer who works in the technology industry. She decided to consult a doctor after suffering from infertility. After a comprehensive examination, he was diagnosed.Congenital absence of the vas deferens Or there is a blockage in the sperm ducts

The doctor said that there is a congenital absence of the sperm ducts and is considered a rare medical disease. The birth rate is only one in 10,000. Therefore, when the patient had to face it he couldn't help but feel bitter, however, he needed to honestly inform the patient of his diagnosis. Although it is possible to ejaculate semen during intercourse, “No sperm.” Therefore, it is difficult for the wife to get pregnant through natural intercourse. At the same time, he consoled the patient, saying: “As long as the IVF is successful there will be no problem.”

But then the doctor received unexpected words. When the patient said “But I have a baby.” He also said that the reason he visited the doctor was because his wife had been unable to give birth to a second child after so many years. His words made the atmosphere in the clinic instantly stiffen. At this time, the doctor was also shocked and speechless. Because at that time he was younger and less experienced than he is now.

But looking at the faces of the husbands and wives who had received the consultation, the doctor had to quickly regain his composure and explain more calmly: Maybe the patients have not had problems since they were young. But problems with the vas deferens begin with age after a successful shift in focus. He quickly said that as long as assisted reproductive technology could be used she was able to give birth smoothly

Dr. Gu Fanjiu confirmed that congenital absence of the vas deferens is a hereditary disease. But it is not clear whether patients are born with it or whether it gradually disappears as they grow older. It is considered a syndrome of unknown cause. It can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, etc. What is special is the gene for this disease. Related to “lung development” So, if you're unlucky, you may die prematurely. Due to lack of lung ischemia

This is because in the case of the husband and wife above because both of them did not come to the clinic again. Therefore, he had no way of knowing whether there would be quarrels in the family later. Or are the children he mentioned related by blood? But from a medical point of view, if the patient is born without sperm ducts. He will not be able to ejaculate sperm.

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