‘Rom Phaeng’ clears doubts about Puttan Karaket and Ketsurang’s relationship in ‘Prom Destiny’

The Force never stops keeping the drama going. “Saucepan” The first two episodes are on screen, and viewers across the country are eager to catch every scene, every scene. Recently in Episode 2, the rating rose to 6.82, the number of live online views exceeded 1.1 million people, plus Phrom Destiny ep2 is also trending at X-rating (Twitter) #1 as well

EP.2 released. Bhutan (Nina Nacha) 8 year old daughter Wifawan (Bachon Sopri) I stopped by to visit. Mother Noon Sebrang (Pawena Shrevesakul) My sister, when the nun saw Sepang Botan, it reminded her a lot of Kitsurang. Because Futan and Kitsurang have very similar faces.

On the way back, Botan saw Karakit’s spirit standing on the side of the road, and suddenly the car in which Botan was traveling had an accident that led to the loss of her father and mother. Auntie Wifawy (Cake Mayoren) He became the person who raised her until she grew up, and since the day of the incident, Botan lost his memory. She grew up without love, contact, or missing her parents at all. Auntie Wei herself, who has raised them since they were little, does not understand Bhutan. Why are you so cruel to the wrong person? No kindness to anyone, no love to anyone

Regarding Botan’s mood and expression. Which made drama fans very skeptical. Because she is very similar to Mrs. Karakit who has a bad character in the drama “Buppesanniwat”, Karakit’s spirit will definitely be reborn.

ROM is expensive The author of the story Fate and fate do not wait to be questioned for long. He came out and posted on Facebook revealing the story connected between 3 characters, Karakit, Bhutan and Kitsurang, saying “I’m confused because people say that in the novel Botan is the reincarnation of Karakit. In the novel, Votan is Votan, not Karakit. Then the real Botan died in an accident with his parents when he was 8 years old, so Karakit used Botan’s body to be reborn. (Just like Kitsurang uses Karaket’s body to be reborn) This is where the novel matches the drama. Because I really intended it to be like this.

Revealing the scheme of relationships between characters in the story “Fate”

● Fotan is a distant relative of Kitsorang.

● Botan, 8 years old, was involved in an accident that led to the death of Botan along with his parents.

● Karakit adjusted his karma and was reborn in Bhutan’s body. Just like Kesasurang used Karaked Reborn’s body in the drama. “Bobbysanivas”

● As a result of an accident. As Karaket uses a newly born body, Botan no longer has any memories left.

● 20-year-old Bhutan touches an old Khoi book bearing the Krishna Kali mantra. As soon as he touched there was a flash of light and her figure disappeared out of sight.

● Bhutan crosses the world, goes back in time and meets “Moin Maharet” or “Father Reed” Sons of Khunying Karakit (Ketsorang) and Okiya Wisut Sakhon (father Det).

● Karakit and Kesasurang came to live the same life.

Doubts are gone. Let’s continue with the drama. “Saucepan” Next week, when Botan travels across the realms to meet Father Red and others. So what will happen? Who are the new characters that have been added? You can’t miss it, airing every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30pm, changed to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting October 30 on Channel 3. To watch TV, press 33. To watch on mobile, press 3plus.

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