Positive signs: Arsenal will win the championship – Siam Rath

Lessons learned from Arsenal’s ‘big guns’ mistakes last season left fans hugely disappointed. Because since last season, the Gunners have been one of the teams competing for the Premier League championship. This year, the opportunity to change from just hope to winning the championship will be very great.

Among the mistakes of last season, the “defender” almost always leads his competitors, as he won 14 of his first 16 matches in the league, but he made a mistake, as he showed signs of slowing down in the last 6 matches, and lost 3 matches, until the match ended unfortunately. It only won second place, 5 points behind Manchester City

Managers like Miguel Arteta have tried to find new formulas for success. They ended up investing 200 million pounds to buy players, and the way of playing tactics changed. It almost became a new team

If anyone follows the Cannonball game after 8 matches, there are still two unbeaten teams alongside Tottenham heading into the second round of the national break. The team ranks second in the league with the same points as Tottenham, in second place only after the goals it scored.

One important factor is the larger team size. Most of the players in the team including the manager already have experience competing for tournaments. Therefore it should be able to withstand more pressure.

From the failure of last season, the most notable thing about “Cannon” is the aggressive selling. Pressure and fighting, but “Cannon” this year added a dimension of certainty and continuity, but “Crazy Lock” did not go anywhere and there is acceleration and installments. During the installment period they can still collect the ball. They can control the tempo of the match and can be said to be “fully equipped with tom yum” so that they have the right to be champions, no different from the “Blues” of Manchester City or the “Reds” of Liverpool, and this does not include “dark horses” such as the “Golden Spurs”. Attenham Hotspur and Newcastle’s “Salika Dong”.

From last season into the new season, there seem to be indications that “Arsenal” will win the English Premier League this season!!!

1. After Manchester City won three consecutive championships, their motivation seems to have naturally diminished, and even now, it is unbelievable that Pep Guardiola’s team has a goal-scoring record. Obviously less than last season. It appears that Kevin De Bruyne’s long injury has caused serious damage.

2. Uncertainty Liverpool’s ‘Reds’, looking good but not finished yet, continue to suffer from defensive shortcomings that their opponents have always put them ahead of this season.

3. Spurs’ ‘sergeant’ heat may be just an illusion. Because I don’t know either. How long will the Golden Spur Rooster be able to hold out?

However, all of the above is just analysis. And the possibility, but in the end, will “Arsenal fans” be able to celebrate raising the cup or not? We will have to wait and see for a long time or this year will be the year of the “cannon”.

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