The Iranian ambassador says that Hamas is ready to release the hostages if Israel stops its attacks

The Iranian ambassador reveals the Iranian president’s talks with the leader of Hamas. Demand the release of the Thai-Filipino hostages. It has been confirmed that he will be released, but he is currently unable to do so due to Israel continuing to attack him. Recently, 9 more people died, and it is still unknown whether they were Thai or not.

On October 20, 2023 at Almiroz Hotel, Al-Rifai Room, 3rd Floor, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 5, Suan Luang District and Sub-district, Bangkok, Mr. Seyed Reza Nopadti, Ambassador of Iran to Thailand, along with Prof. Dr. Lieutenant General Somchai and Aqad Wirunhavon, Chief Advisor of the Solidarity Campaign with… Palestine in Thailand held a press conference to explain the operation to rescue the Thai hostages. The state of the conflict between Palestine and Israel is that the Iranian president spoke with Hamas leaders in Qatar to ask Hamas to release the Thai and Filipino hostages. The modern Hamas leader insists on the release of foreign hostages, but this cannot be done immediately. Because Israel continues to attack Gaza. The last of these led to the killing of 9 hostages, and it is not known whether they were Thai or not. Therefore, Hamas leaders believe that it is not safe to transfer the hostages during this period.

Professor Dr. Lieutenant General Somchai said that Hamas was keen on the safety of the hostages. But Israeli attacks destroyed Gaza. Hamas wants to call for negotiations to end the violence. Personally, I am of the opinion that if the two sides do not negotiate, it may lead to the expansion of this conflict on a larger scale.

In addition, Professor Dr. Lieutenant General Somchai also read the statement issued by PSC Thailand No. 2 that according to the news provided by several media organizations, Israel bombed hospitals in the Gaza Strip, killing more than 500 people and the Secretary-General of the United Nations has issued a statement condemning such Business. In this regard, PSC Thailand would like to condemn such inhumane acts. Whether it was intentional or not

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