“Senator Vanjai” points out that there may be a problem in electing district and provincial level senators. : PPTVHD36

The applications for the first day of the senators indicated its goal of electing senators at the district and provincial levels and urged the Election Commission to investigate loopholes.

Today is the first day of opening of applications for new senators-elect candidates, the current senator, Mr. From following the situation of the new batch of senator applications, people are found to be very interested and alert. It is considered a new dimension and a good atmosphere. It's like an environment where a large number of people come out to exercise their right to vote. It reflects that people want to change the regime and therefore, there are people who are interested in applying for membership this time. Maybe it's because I want to become a senator who is not the same as before to choose among themselves in large numbers.

Hundreds of thousands are expected to apply, which is considered a good sign. It is independent and politically neutral. And when he comes to perform his duties and responsibilities when he takes office, there will be no scandal of order.

Regarding the concern that voting results may be manipulated in the Senate selection process. Mr. Vanjai said whether it is a campaign to block or mobilizing people to apply to elect themselves, it is considered an illegal activity. And this is likely to happen in the district level examination. and provincial level but difficult to do at national level. Therefore, to rectify the loopholes, the Election Commission should investigate. But if no evidence is found in the investigation, he should be brought and installed. But if caught, punished according to law

Mr. Vanjai further said that now he has allowed senatorial candidates. You can now introduce yourself electronically. Therefore, it is not considered to close the eyes and ears of the people. Know at each level who are the candidates for each area and their career fields? They cannot go directly to the people to vote. This is a mechanism that has been used before whether it is elections to the House of Representatives and the House of Representatives under the 1997 Constitution.

On the other hand, it is believed that if the Senate elections open today. You will only get orange, red, blue senators or at-large house senators, but if you use the nomination system, you will be accused of dragging the nomination. Therefore, new innovations should be used. Is it good or bad? Will the results be satisfactory or not? We have to wait and follow and amend the constitution next time. But I personally believe it is an attempt by the senator to be a mediator and a true professional. So I want you to try it. And to ensure that the Election Commission is only a follower of the rules laid down by the Constitution.

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