Thai stocks fell by -3.98 points due to significant share selling before MSCI portfolio adjustment.

Thai stocks closed the market down -3.98 points and analysts revealed strong selling pressure on large stocks such as CPALL and BDMS before MSCI Rebalance entered to put pressure on the index, but it did not fall much due to support from the energy sector, which rebounded. In line with the trend of global crude oil prices. Looking at tomorrow's investment framework, the support level is at 1,370-1,373 points and the resistance level is 1,385 points, and it is advisable to monitor the results of the Fed meeting. And political factors after 40 senators submitted a request for impeachment “Sita” From the Prime Minister

The Thai stock market closed its trading on May 20, 2024, down -3.98 points, or -0.29%, to close at 1,378.70 points, with a trading value of 44,067.53 million baht, while the total stock trading today reached and the index fell to a maximum of 1,389.55 points during the day, and in the opposite direction. It fell to a minimum of 1,377.42 points.

While the number of securities that changed today increased by 223 securities, remained unchanged by 167 securities, and decreased by 273 securities.

In terms of trading volume disaggregated by investor group, it was found that foreign investors net bought more than +104.71 million baht, securities firm accounts net bought more than +692.29 million baht, and institutional investors net bought more than +54.89 million baht. Domestic investors net sold more than +692.29 million baht. More than -851.89 million baht.

The securities with the highest trading value are 5 securities
1.CPALL's trading value was 2,355.41 million baht, closing at 58.50 baht, down 0.50 baht.
2.AOT trading value was 1,942.39 million baht, closing at 65.75 baht, down 1.25 baht.
3. PTTEP's trading value reached 1,940.55 million baht, closing at 158.50 baht, an increase of 3.50 baht.
4. Banpo Bank's trading value reached 1,875.46 million baht, closing at 5.80 baht, an increase of 0.45 baht.
5.BDMS trading value reached 1,457.68 million baht, closing at 28.75 baht, down 0.50 baht.

As for the SET100 index, the five classifications with the most positive price increases are:
1.PTTEP stock closed at 158.50 baht, an increase of 3.50 baht or 2.26%.
2.SAPPE stock closed at 102.00 baht, up 2 baht or 2%.
3.FORTH shares closed at 18.00 baht, an increase of 1.00 baht or 5.88%.
4.Amata stock closed at 23.90 baht, an increase of 0.80 baht or 3.46%.
5.BCP closed at 41.00 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht or 1.86%.

As for the SET100 index, the five classifications with the largest price declines are:
1.BH shares closed at 246.00 baht, down 4.00 baht or 1.60%.
2.AEONTS stock closed at 158.50 baht, down 3.00 baht or 1.86%.
3.SCC stock closed at 248.00 baht, down 3.00 baht or 1.20%.
4.CPN stock closed at 61.25 baht, down 1.50 baht or 2.39%.
5.SISB stock closed at 38.75 baht, down 1.25 baht or 3.13%.

While the SET100 index closed at 1,877.66 points, down -6.41 points, or -0.34%, the SET50 index closed at 850.86 points, down -3.03 points, or -0.35%, and the May Market index closed at 382.22 points, down -2.05 points, or -0.53%. .

The Thai stock market fell today due to selling pressure of large stocks such as CPALL and BDMS from investors who adjusted their portfolios before the MSCI rebalancing took effect on May and 31st, said Mr. Natthaphon Khamthakruya, Director of Securities Analysis at Yuanta Securities (Thailand). Shares will also be issued in this round. But there is still support from the energy sector, following the trend of global crude oil prices.

“Tomorrow's trend is expected to swing sideways before entering the mid-week holiday on Visakha Bucha. As investors wait to follow the results report of the Federal Reserve (FED) meeting on Wednesday night, continuing on Thursday, we should watch whether the Constitutional Court will accept The decision on the petition of 40 senators requesting the Federal Reserve to remove Prime Minister Sita Thavisin over the appointment of Mr. Phichit Chuenpan as Minister of the Prime Minister's Office or not, the investment framework is seen as support at 1,370-1,373 points and resistance at 1,385 points.Mr. Nathapon concluded his speech.

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