Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5) launches in Thailand at CTW.

Big Launch in Thailand With the sequel game that fans have been waiting for, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (PS5), there will be an event at Central World, 1st Floor, Eden District, from October 18 to 22.

During the event, there will be a Stamp Hunt Mission event and a chance to win prizes (such as the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition PS5 Game Pack, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition, or game memorabilia) just by completing missions and purchasing any product you can get. At the sales booth at the event.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 (PS5)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 merchandise was sold at the event

  • Game Marvel Spider-Man 2 : Standard Edition (Disc/Digital) Price 2290 baht
  • Game Marvel Spider-Man 2 : Digital Deluxe price is 2590 baht
  • Game Marvel Spider-Man 2 : The price of the collector’s edition is 7449 baht
  • The standard package price for the PS5 console is 20,790 baht
  • The price of the Limited Edition PS5 console bundle is 22,290 baht
  • Limited edition PS5 cover priced at 2290 baht
  • Limited edition DualSense controller priced at 2,690 baht

the game Marvel Spider-Man 2 It has been launched, ready for sale and available to play as of October 20, 2023. In this part we will be able to play as there are two Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, and they can be interchanged. Experience the stories and superpowers of these two different characters. The villain that must be faced in this part is Venom.

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