NRCT and NRCT join hands to discuss ways to conduct research in the country’s healthcare system in the future |

NRCT is in discussion with NRCT to look at future directions for advancing research in the country’s health system. A research budget management system is ready to be organized for maximum benefit.

On October 18, 2023, Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI), HSRI Director Dr. Subakith Sirilak, Assistant Professor Dr. Charuipon Srisachalak, HSRI Deputy Director Mr. Theera Tatsa Kanthamara, Assistant Director, HSRI, Dr. JARE VICHATHAI, MRS. Punyavi Usirivan Research Manager, HSRI, and Mr. Witphong Sinsut, Head of Policy and Planning Division attended the discussion meeting with the Science Development Board Office. Director of Research and Innovation (NRCT) NRCT and NRCT Executive, Prof. Dr. Led by Padmavadi Pochanukul.

This is to discuss the framework for operations. Guidelines for driving policy on the issue of research support for the development of the country’s public health system. and scope of research on the role of the Program Management Unit (PMU) in health, as well as developing guidelines for managing the country’s health research budget. Allocated through Science Promotion Fund for Research and Innovation (NRCT Fund)

As for HSRI’s operations, it falls under 2 main strategies: Strategy 1. Bio-Economic System – Circular Economy – Green Economy. (Bio-Circular-Green Economy: BCG) should be a high-value, sustainable economic system in medicine and healthcare and increase national income. and strategies and 2. To raise the country’s health protection level to prepare for national epidemics and emerging diseases.


Dr. Subakit revealed during a discussion that NRCT is committed to organizing the troops. Organize the system so that work is integrated into a network. There is no overlap in work. A mechanism may first be developed to allow for the exchange of information or discussion. NRCT will soon hold a meeting with a research network supported by the Health Research Fund within the PMU of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to minimize the possibility of overlapping work.

For example, vaccine company, etc., to develop knowledge exchange. and leads to coherent work planning to effectively support and reinforce each other. HSRI is poised to be the focal point for health system research in the country. and help design research development that can raise the nation’s health care levels in the future as it strives to build a strong national health system research network.


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