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There is a saying that the phrase “The sky after rain is always beautiful and bright” is believed to be a true sentence. Because when the rainy season ends, the weather seems clear. Open and comfortable, suitable for travel and relaxation. Popular activities after the end of the rainy season are likely to be: “Diving” Because the waves are calm and the sun is shining, if you go exploring the underwater world you can see coral reefs. And obviously marine animals in addition to that, whatever professional diver wants to do a challenge to break his own record. It can dive deep without fear of storms or inclement weather.

People who like diving must have important things that they can use when diving. Whether it is a high-quality diving suit, the diving mask fits the face comfortably. A comfortable pair of fins is another indispensable item for divers He watches Because when we go down to the underwater world it is like going into a new world, without sound, isolated from people, so there must be a reminder to check the time. Especially if any of the divers are the type to break records or compete in a challenge. Keeping time during practice or competition will increase your chances of success. If you ask, what is the most suitable diving watch for diving enthusiasts? This moment should be in the hearts of many peopleRolex Submariner(Rolex Submariner) Surely, with its durable, diving-friendly features and stylish design, everyone will want to own one. For those wondering how good is a Rolex Submariner? How durable are the features? Is it worth buying to wear when diving? Today we will take everyone to find the answer with five reasons why the Rolex Submariner is the diving watch that captures the hearts of so many people.

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1. Valuable historical evidence: the first diver’s watch in the world

The Rolex Submariner comes with valuable historical evidence. Because it is the first watch in the world made for diving! First launched in 1953, it showcased Rolex’s watchmaking capabilities and expertise. More importantly, the Rolex Submarine is also a dive watch prototype for popular models like the Rolex Sea-Dweller and Rolex Deepsea, regardless of features and design. Suitable for people who love the original.

2. Cutting-edge technology creates reliability and accuracy

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The Rolex Submariner is made with the latest technology. This makes the watch case have the most durable features and works better underwater such as installing a helium escape valve (HEV) and designing the bezel to be able to rotate in two directions.

  • Helium escape valve (HEV) installation

The Rolex Submariner is packed with technologyHelium escape valveThis helps vent helium gas from the watch case during surfacing and reduces pressure during saturation dives. It makes it able to withstand water better. Back when it was launched, the Rolex Submariner was water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), and now it is water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet). This level of water resistance makes divers feel comfortable. Confidence in competence Don’t worry about diving too deep. Then you will not be able to see the time or the watch may be damaged while diving.

  • BThe disc can be rotated in one direction.

The function that makes this watch safe and accurate is the unidirectional rotating bezel. The Rolex Submariner aligns the bezel with the minute hand as we enter the water. It makes it possible to see the remaining dive time or check rest points to reduce stress. (Decompression off) creates safety for divers. In addition, the Rolex indicator on the engraved 60-minute bezel helps divers see the time more easily and accurately underwater.

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3. It glows even in the dark.

Due to deep diving, this may cause divers to have blurred vision. Therefore, the Rolex Submariner has luminous hour markers and capsules that provide better visibility in dark or poorly lit underwater environments. It can be said that it serves as a mini flashlight for divers. This allows divers to read the time and evaluate their steps. While underwater it is faster and safer.

4. Distinctive design, unique identity

The Rolex Submariner is designed to be distinctive and unique, even though it is a watch with functions suitable for diving. But it still maintains the design, elegance and luxury of Rolex very well. It has a sturdy body The rotating bezel is available in several different colors and dimensions, for example, the black dial gives a sporty look that goes with a wetsuit. Or the royal blue dial. The bright blue color looks lively and suits the sea theme. The multi-purpose disc is made with rounded edges for good grip, even if you’re wearing diving gloves. The Rolex Submariner has influenced the design of many other diving watches, and it can be said that if you are looking for a watch with a beautiful design and tight functionality, the Rolex Submariner will definitely meet your needs.

5. High value at all times

Probably everyone already knows that Rolex is a high value luxury watch brand and it is very difficult to go out of style. As a result, many investors tend to buy and collect them. In addition, the Rolex Submariner is another model that is one of the best worth investing in. Because of its unique and distinct design. Latest functionality and has an important historical story of being the first diver’s watch in the world. It is original and is a model for other diving watches. This is what makes a Rolex Submariner maintain its high value forever. So, people who like to dive into assets and accumulate them for investment. Therefore, the Rolex Submariner is often chosen as the first choice.

Here are 5 reasons why the Rolex Submariner is a diving watch that has won the hearts of many people from the past to the present. Both are valuable historical guides that come equipped with cutting-edge technology that provides durability and accuracy. Outstanding design including an all-time high value Anyone looking for a diving watch to use while exploring the deep sea world should hurry up and find one for their collection.

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