Listen for free! Audio files from Imperial College London to increase knowledge and practice of the English language.

Who gets bored of studying? #English Traditionally, why not try adding some skills by listening to podcasts? Another session I have come across the most amazing podcast Imperial College London Best University in England and it is open for people all over the world to listen to it for free and having said that, I would like to share it with everyone to develop their language skills and broaden their perspective of the knowledge around them~

By in Imperial College Podcast It will collect exclusive interviews from world leaders with expertise in this field. Science, engineering, health, business and more. Let's exchange knowledge, experience and present many interesting case studies! // Anyone who wants to grasp British English, let me tell you, don't miss it!


Stop by to check out our podcast highlights first!

  • Free admission Complete with university knowledge and attitudes about the world such as social issues, technology, education, health, engineering and business. There are many other themes to choose from!
  • Every episode has Texts (English translation) For reading includes
  • There will be audio files available on the website. #Free Download Save it and listen offline!
  • Knowledge and podcasts to choose from 2007 – 2024 (currently being updated this year)
  • Helps develop listening (listening) and reading (reading) skills. Directly from native speakers!
  • You can listen on the website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

Where can I listen to the Imperial College Podcast?

Provide an interesting podcast example!

1. NASA Science Alum, TB Vaccines, and the Generational Wealth Gap

The podcast includes 3 great topics in one roll! It starts by taking you to explore global health and financial stability issues at every age. It takes you to talk to science graduates who will reveal their background in working with NASA in a very insightful way.


2. The best of 2023, sustainable aviation fuel, better bones

Share podcastScientific knowledge and hot issues such as sustainability (Sustainability) This involves extensive listening on the topic, whether it is developing sustainable aircraft, or a survey of the work of science communicators. Including other issues There are many interesting things that many people have never known before!


3. Special celebrity visitor

For anyone who wants to find new inspiration, save this podcast! Because they will take you through the interviews and study and work experiences of Imperial College London graduates. Who are the top celebrities in various fields such as singers, writers, and astrophysicists // They are all very impressive~


4. Filming with Attenborough, global development goals, and lab-grown meat

It ends with an integrated topic that combines knowledge and explores global social issues. Including research, technology and sustainable development for everyone who wants to accumulate knowledge and vocabulary in this field. Hurry up and listen!


NB: If anyone is interested in listening to podcasts from other years, click the button. [ Menu ] The upper right side of the website will provide a separate podcast for you from the beginning of the year. 2007-2024 You can choose to listen!

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