Revealing the names of the people in Israel who were kidnapped by the Ammas group.. Who are they? :PPTVHD36

The Guardian is compiling a list of those believed to be being held hostage by the Hamas militant group. There are Israelis and foreigners.

The attack on Israel was launched by the Palestinian armed group Hamas on October 7. It was a surprise attack by sending troops into Israel by land, sea and air, using missile strikes as cover to attract the attention of the IDF. As a result, many Palestinian fighters succeeded in infiltrating Israel.

Another tactic used by Hamas that embarrasses Israel is “hostage-taking” involving Israelis and foreigners, estimated to date (October 19) at between 200 and 250 people.

The embassy is preparing to send the first batch of 8 workers’ bodies to Thailand tomorrow.

Israel reveals evidence that the Gaza hospital explosion was a Palestinian missile.

Israel is not afraid to face a two-sided battle: “Hamas – Hezbollah”

Although it cannot be 100% certain who is being held hostage by Hamas, the international news agency The Guardian has compiled a list of names of people believed to be in the hands of Hamas. Evaluation of not being able to find it. Meanwhile, no body was found.

Kipnis family One of the hotspots hit by Hamas was the farming community of Beeri in southern Israel, where Lilac Kipnis, 60, and her husband Eviatar Kipnis, 65, took shelter in his home. Before she lost contact, 8 other relatives also disappeared. But later on October 17, the bodies of Eviatar and Avsalom Haran, Lilac’s brother-in-law, were found. But the rest of the people were not found.

Ur family Yonat Or, 50, her husband, Drew, 50, and their two children, 15 and 13, also disappeared from the farming community of Perry after the attack.

Activist – Vivian Silver, a 74-year-old women’s rights activist who called for peace with Palestine disappeared from Perry

dated – Alex Danzig, a 75-year-old historian who studies the Holocaust and had written a book about the killing of Jews during World War II, disappeared from the farming community of Ner Oz.

Former social worker – Dietsa Heymann, 84, always active in public service, recently retired at the age of 80. She also disappeared from the agricultural community of Ner Oz.

Katz family – In the farming community of Ner Oz, Doron Asher Katz, 34, disappeared with his two daughters, ages 5 and 3, and her 67-year-old mother.

Cooper family Amiram Cooper, 85, and his wife Nurit, 80, were taken from their home in the farming community of Ner Oz. Their daughter, Noa, said that she last spoke to her parents when Hamas was attacking. But the connection was lost and later, the mobile phone signal was checked, and it was found that it had fallen inside the Gaza Strip.

Old woman Jaafar Adar, 85 years old, suffers from high blood pressure and chronic pain. It was taken from the farming community of Ner Oz. The video shows her covered in a pink blanket. He was transported through Gaza in a golf cart. From the picture, it appears that she is not dead yet.

Previous parameter – Ada Zaki, 75 years old, a descendant of Holocaust survivors in Poland. He is a former teacher of the Arabic language. Including being a peace activist also taken from near Oz.

British teenager – Noya (surname withheld), a 16-year-old British citizen, disappeared from his home in Bury. Inside the house were the bodies of her mother, Leanne, and her 13-year-old sister, Jahil, as well as her father, Eli. He disappeared as well

Young mother Celine Ben David Najjar, 35, who recently gave birth to a 6-month-old baby, disappeared while on her way to attend a Supernova concert. They found the body of the carpenter’s friend. But I didn’t find it.

Soldier trainee – Liri Elbag, an 18-year-old military trainee, was recently stationed on the Gaza border. There is a video clip showing her with two other hostages sitting in an Israeli military vehicle stolen by Hamas.

Young Israeli soldier – Itay Shen, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier who was stationed at an armored base near Gaza for a year, disappeared after being attacked by Hamas.

Thai workers It is estimated that there are 17 Thai workers being held hostage in Israel. One of them is Awas Suriyasri, 40, who has been working in Israel since 2021 to earn money to build a house for his family.

Spanish couple -Ivan Illarramendi, a 46-year-old Spaniard, and his 47-year-old Chilean-Israeli wife, Lauren Jarkovic, were taken from the farming community of Kissufim.

Half French-Israeli – Mia Shem, 21 years old, half French and half Israeli. He was kidnapped while at a Supernova party. There was a video clip showing her injured in the arm.

student -Noa Arkamani, 26 years old, student at Ben Gurion University in Israel. She was arrested with her boyfriend, Evanathan Orr, while traveling to a Supernova concert.

Half German-Israeli – Shani Luke, a 22-year-old student, of German and half-Israeli origins. who traveled from Berlin to tour the Supernova concert, is said to be still alive. But he suffered a head injury and severe symptoms

Adolescence – Hirsch Goldberg Pauline, 23 years old, from Jerusalem. But Born in California There is a clip of him being transported in a pickup truck with other hostages at a Supernova event.

Two brothers – 21-year-old Maya Regev and her 18-year-old brother Iti Regev were also arrested during the Supernova event. There was a clip showing Itay being detained in Gaza. Although I don’t see magic but it is believed that he is still alive

These are just some of the people believed to be being held hostage by Hamas militants. The current situation between Israel and Hamas remains tense. This has made many parties very concerned about the safety of the hostages. We can only hope that this conflict will end quickly.

Compiled from Watchman

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Jill Cohen Magen/AFP

Hamas Media Office/Agence France-Presse

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