True Corporation sets interest rates for the new bonds at 3.15-4.60%, and subscriptions are expected to open on November 2-3 and 6.

TRUE CORPORATION PUBLIC LIMITED Preparing to offer five groups of new bonds to investors, with maturities ranging from one to 10 years, and fixed interest rates ranging between 3.15-4.60% annually, and it is expected that subscriptions will be opened between 2-3 and 6 November 2023.

“Yuba Leongcharoen” Finance Director (Joint) TRUE CORPORATION PUBLIC LIMITED He said: “This bond issuance is taking place under the new company “True Corporation”, which has a stronger foundation. After combining the strengths of True and DTAC

“This makes us a business leader with outstanding capabilities and readiness as the number one telecom technology leader in Thailand, with the largest number of mobile and broadband customers in the country.

“The company is confident that it will be well received by general investors. They want to invest in companies that are stable and have a penchant for future growth in the digital age and are also an industry group that is getting positive results from economic expansion and tourism.

In addition, they are bonds that provide good returns for future investment. Especially for investors from the general public who want to invest in stable bonds issued by well-known large companies in the country.

“By True Company focus on enhancing operations to deliver better value to consumers and businesses. Accelerate the creation of new innovations to co-drive the Thai economy and society and is ready to give investors the opportunity to grow with new companies that are poised for continuous growth. Especially digital companies that have high growth potential.

The company and its bonds have been rated A+ with a “stable” outlook by TRIS Rating Co., Ltd. on September 27, 2023, reflecting an improvement in the financial and business risk profile. Both have strong market positions in the mobile and broadband markets. Enhance the Army’s national network with a comprehensive frequency range and brand names that consumers know

There are also positive factors at the macroeconomic level, such as the expected growth of Thailand’s GDP due to the recovery of the tourism sector after the Covid-19 situation. Start returning to normal

The debt securities will be offered for public sale to investors (public offering) with the aim of using the proceeds from the bond issue to repay the bond debt and/or loans that will mature. As well as using it as working capital to support the company’s growth

It is a type of bond bearing the name of its holder. Unaffiliated and unsecured type with bondholder representatives Interest is paid every 3 months for the duration of the bond. Subscriptions are expected to open from 2 – 3 – 6 November 2023. The minimum subscription value is 100,000 baht and in multiples of 100,000 baht each time, on sale in 5 lots as follows.

1. Bond No. 1, repayment period is one year, fixed interest rate is 3.15% annually.

2. The second group of bonds has a duration of 3 years and 3 months, with a fixed interest rate of 3.75% annually.

3. Bond No. 3 has a duration of 5 years with a fixed interest rate of 4.10% annually.

4. Bond No. 4, bond duration is 7 years, fixed interest rate is 4.35% annually.

5. Bond No. 5, 10-year duration, fixed interest rate 4.60% annually (the issuer has the right to redeem the bond when the bond completes the fifth year)

The Company is in the process of filing a registration statement for an offering of debt securities. And the draft prospectus, which has not yet entered into force. Since the matter is under consideration by the SEC, investors can study additional details from the information form for the debt instrument. The draft prospectus is or request details from the underwriters of the six bonds:

-Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, all branches (except small branches), call 1333 or book online through Bualuang mBanking.

– Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited, all branches, call 028888888 or press 819 or book online at (except for foreign citizens and legal persons who can subscribe through the head office and branches) and includes the company Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited as the sales agency of Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited.

– Siam Commercial Bank Public Limited, all branches or call 027776784 or book online through SCB EASY App including Innovate-X Securities Company Limited as the sales agency for Siam Commercial Bank Limited (Public)

-Bank of Ayodhya Public Corporation Limited, all branches, call 1572 or book online through KMA app.

-CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited, all branches or call 026267777 or book online through the CIMB Thai Digital Banking app.

-UOB Bank Public Company Limited, all branches or call 022851555

For those wishing to subscribe to bonds via the TrueMoney Wallet application, you can learn more about the details, steps and methods for applying on the TrueMoney Wallet application and how to book. At or call for advice from the officials of True Money Company Limited, call 1240, press 6.

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