Rumpaeng answers clearly: Is the Botan Karakit in destiny the same person?

ROM is expensive Fantasy writer New Year’s Eve And Saucepan Solving doubts for fans Is it agreed that Bodtan and Karket in the drama From Licht are the same person?

(The paragraph below spoils some content from Prom Destiny EP.2)

On October 19, after the end of the second episode of the drama series Prom Likhit, which is the second part of the series Buppesanniwat. The story revolves around a new character in the present day named Bhutan, Bhutan is a distant relative. Ket Surang has a face very similar to Kesasurang. Botan and his family were in a car accident and they all died. But Karakit’s soul was reborn in Botan’s body. This makes Botan live alone without any memories of his dead parents. She grew up under the care of a real aunt with whom they had a not very good relationship until one day, Bhutan came to know about the mantra book of Krishna Kali which her underground team discovered in an ancient site in Ayutthaya. This allows her to return her body to the Ayutthaya era.

Karakit in the drama Buppesanniwat

Answer from Rompaeng

This part makes many people wonder whether Botan is the same person as Karaket or not.

In this regard, Rumpaeng, writer of the novels Buppe Sannivas and Phrom Destiny, responded on his personal Facebook page, saying:

“let’s talk.

This is what I’m secretly confused about when people say that in the novel Bhutan is the reincarnation of the Cricket. In the novel, Votan is Votan, not Karakit. Then the real Botan died in an accident with his parents when he was 8 years old, so Karakit used Botan’s body to be reborn. (Just as Kitsurang uses Karaket’s body to be reborn) Here the novel and the drama coincide. Because I really meant it to be that way.

Simply put, Futan is not a karate spirit that is being possessed. But it was Karak who was reborn in Bhutan’s body.

In addition, Rompaeng answered fans’ questions. Who asked that “Then Bhutan shouldn’t look like Kisasurang, right?” Keep that in mind.

“I want readers or viewers to know that the body is like a shell. What is real is the soul inside. Coming to this part of destiny, it is the same thing. Even if they are the same, if they have different souls, they will have different results according to their own karma.” “Them.”

Additionally, when fans come and ask, “Then why did Karak forget everything? Since he is Karak who resides in Bhutan’s body?” Rumping also gave a little spoiler: “Because Botan’s body was injured in an accident. Soon he will remember, but he will not indulge in his past life.

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