Scientists wonder if the entire universe could be a black hole, and we live in a black hole.

Scientists wonder if the entire universe could be a black hole, and we live in a black hole.

In conclusion, black holes and red holes can be whatever they are… but the environment on Earth right now is no different from a black hole.
Because the environment is deteriorating
Humans only want to destroy and create wars, capitalists only hope for profit and want to become richer, and society only deteriorates and deteriorates. “Poison is injected to conquer the world of vaccines. The vaccine is unlucky. The injection dies and paralyzes people. It is a joke. Right now, people on this planet live as if they are living in a black hole.

You don’t have to think about anything.
It’s outer space, outside the universe, but anyway, just read it for knowledge.

An astrophysicist from the Australian National University has released a new report that raises some interesting questions: Is our universe in a black hole? They certainly weren’t the first to ask this question. But their data offers some interesting insights and points in this direction.

Dr. Charles Lineweaver and his student Vihaan Patel did something that no one had ever thought of before: they plotted everything in the universe on a graph. From the smallest objects such as elementary particles such as the Higgs, bosons or quarks, all the way up to atoms, molecules, humans, the sun, galaxies, black holes and the universe (see diagram in comments).

This chart has 4 sides containing information about mass, radius, and density. But we will explain it easily, the important point is the white dot on the right side. It’s where gravity meets quantum uncertainty. Then chase the black line to the top first. This line will be the “maximum” at which the object can become dense.

The densest object in the universe is a black hole, making black holes a boundary that nothing can cross. In other words, there is nothing denser than a black hole. The bottom line is also the “smallest limit” to how small an object can be, i.e. quantum. Crossing this line means it will be unclear or undefined.

“On the smallest possible end,” Patel said, “the place where quantum mechanics and general relativity meet is in the smallest possible things. On the largest side, the graph suggests there is nothing. It is a complete vacuum. Objects cannot be denser than a black hole.”

What’s surprising is that as we move up the upper bounds, we see planets, stars, galaxies, and finally, this “Hubble radius” is “the entire observable universe” according to this scheme. It is possible that the entire observable universe is a “universe-sized black hole.”

Or simply put, the entire universe could be a black hole, and we live in a black hole. “It is possible that the universe is a black hole from the inside out,” Dr. Lineweaver said, but added that this question requires serious study. Although the probability is small, it is not zero. Because no one knows what is inside a black hole.

The couple is not the first to ask: Are we in a black hole? Many scientists have many answers. But what makes this scheme special and plausible is that the observable universe continues to expand over time, just as black holes swallow large amounts of matter to increase their size.
Dr. Lineweaver pointed out that the event horizon around the observable universe is similar to the event horizon of a black hole. That when anything crosses this line, it can never be seen again. Therefore, it is one of the secrets of the universe that humans continue to study.

“Our universe will become a massive, low-density black hole. This may sound a little scary,” Patel said. But we have good reason to believe that is not the case.”

“But that’s a good thing. Our world has become a black hole. Soon it will be completely absorbed, and it will all die… It’s good that it will all be gone.” Increasingly, there is only concern about human suffering. In what world would all kinds of natural diseases arise, all kinds of wars, and people kill each other? Well, if the world was swallowed by a black hole, the universe would disappear and end. Maybe God will not be able to help, because God cannot find and imagine Himself every day. Think about it in different ways. Whoever believes it should believe it, and whoever does not believe it should not believe it. It is up to your judgment to read and praise whether it is true or not, but if it is news, “know that it is not your responsibility to carry it.”

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