Live Football Scores AFC Champions League 2023-24 Kitchee vs True Bangkok

Back to the AFC Champions League 2023/24 Group F Football Program Once again, this match is the third match, and True Bangkok United must travel to Kitchee represented by Hong Kong. She will compete on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 8:00pm (7:00pm Thailand time) at Hong Kong Arena.

Coach Pan Thachatawan Sripan is still relying on the same 11 players, goalkeeper Phuthakit Khamai, two midfielders, with players such as Sophan Thongsong returning to stand with Everton Goncalves, the team captain, left and right back, Pirapat Notichaya and Nittipong Silanont, three midfielders, and Ditsado. Limonasthene. Poklau Annan, Tetifan Phuangshan, and three strikers, Willen Mota, Mahmoud Ed and Rongrat Fomchantwik.

Goal!! In the seventh minute, through an error by True Bangkok United’s defence, Ruslan Mincasso scored a clear goal to give the home team the lead.

In the 13th minute, from a quick counter-attack by Kitchee, Michaels caught Teck’s header and the ball went wide.

In the 44th minute, Ruslan Mincasao shot the ball wide of the second post.

Goal!! In the 45+5 minute, Mahmoud received the ball from the left side before returning it in front of the goal, so the ball reached Rongrath, who was waiting to receive the ball and score the equalizing goal, bringing True Bangkok United to a draw with Kitchee. 1-1.

Time ran out in the first 45 minutes, and the team tied with Kitchee 1-1.

In the 48th minute, when True Bangkok United attacked, the ball hit Fernando’s hand, and the referee awarded it a penalty kick.

Goal!! In the 52nd minute, Willen Mota did not miss a penalty kick, as True Bangkok United beat Kitchee 2-1.

In the 56th minute, from a free kick taken by True Bangkok United, Rongrath crossed the ball and Everton Goncalves’ header unfortunately hit the crossbar.

In the 57th minute, Ruslan Mincaso’s header went straight to Khamay Al-Thawri.

In the 65th minute, Charlie Scott fired a long-range shot, but Watawat Khamai was able to block it.

In the 66th minute, Igor Satori shot the ball without touching it and it went into the hands of the revolutionary Khamay.

In the 80th minute, Motta missed a shot that flew over the crossbar.

In the 84th minute, Bas Jaradi brought on a player from the Kitchee team, and the video assistant referee issued a red card to True Bangkok United, and 10 players were removed.

In the remaining time, the home team attacked Kitchee SC fiercely. But he was unable to score, and at the end of the match, King Thep was able to come out and win against Kitchee 2-1, 3 games, 9 full points, and consistently lead Group F.

Upcoming Match Schedule The team, True Bangkok United, will return to their home opener, True Stadium, to welcome visiting Ratchaburi FC on Sunday 29 October 2023 at 7:00pm.

As for the 2023/24 AFC Champions League football program, Group F, Match 4, the Football Stars will return to the opening match at their home ground, Trouw Stadium, to welcome Kitchee on Wednesday, October 8, 2023. Time: 7:00 pm.

True Bangkok United: Patiwat Khamai (GK), Pirapat Notichaya (Wanchai Jarunongkran 88), Everton Goncalves (M), Nitipong Selanont, Rongrat Phumjanthwik (Chaiawat Srinaung, No. 74), Thithivan Puangchan, Suphan Thong Song, Ditsado Limuansathin (Wissarot Imura). , No. 88), Boklao Anan (Tasapong Modrak, No. 88), Welin Mota, Mahmoud Ed.

Kitchee SC: Paolo Cesar (GK), Lu Ti-Chun, Charlie Scott, Helio (M), Clayton (Chan Shinichi 59), Tan Chun Lok (Chan Chin Loong 90), Michael, Oliver Gerbig, Fernando (Igor Satori 59). ). , Jacob Jansher (Cement Stone p. 75), Ruslan Minkaso

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