Confirm identity of digital money 10,000 baht treasury answers, old people – new people. What should I do for those who do not participate in government schemes?

By issuing 10,000 baht digital money, the Ministry of Finance reveals that senior citizens who have previously registered for government schemes will not have to re-register. New people need to register and verify their identity to join the digital wallet.

Mr. Sulapan Amornwiwat, Deputy Minister of Finance, indicated the plan to distribute 10,000 baht digital money through the digital wallet, which citizens and merchants will start registering for digital wallets in the third quarter. It follows the original timeline

To verify 10,000 baht digital identity through a digital wallet, there will be 2 groups: Those who have previously registered to join the scheme with the government. The following steps will be followed to receive 10,000 baht digital money for new groups who have passed identity verification before or have not yet participated in senior group and government schemes.

  • A panel of seniors was used to confirm their identity. You don't have to start verifying your identity again. Press to get 10,000 baht digital money rights through government applications, government will pull old government database to use in new system.
  • New members need to register for 10,000 baht digital money and verify their identity. To get rights

The Ministry of Finance will pull the information into the new system if you are already registered to participate in a government scheme, just like store information.

In terms of spending, it is a face-to-face system (face-to-face), which means the user actually has to go to the storefront to buy the items. Spend digital wallet money through government apps It's like an app. Bank Finance

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