The Dow Jones falls by 196 points… and the Nasdaq closes at a new high >> The Dow closed down 196 points, and the Nasdaq closed at an all-time high.Situation

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed on May 20, 2024 at 39,806.77 points, down 196.82 points or -0.49% from the fall of J.P. Moore shares.Gann Chase But Nasdaq closes at historic highsScience of Nvidia shares and other stocks in the technology group rising.

The S&P 500 index closed at 5,308.13 points, up 4.86 points, or 0.09%.

The Nasdaq index closed at 16,794.87 points, rising 108.91 points, or +0.65%.

JPMorgan shares fell 4.5% as CEO Jimmy Diamond sent a signal duringFrom the annual investment meetingFrom the bank that his retirement may be closer to himPreviously specified also said that the bank will not buyStock returns at current levels However, the stock price has risen.About 15% since the beginning of the year

Shares related to Pradit(AI) is in the interest of students.Investing this week whileResults of the first quarter of the yearNvidia's account was closely monitored Wednesday afternoon. To evaluate strengthFrom the period before AI stocks led

Yesterday, Nvidia shares rose more than 2% as several analysts confirmed thisTo a prominent position in the marketThe company and many other companies were modifiedTarget price increased.Regarding reporting operating results, pointing out that inventories may rise.By up to 30% from current levels

Nvidia shares are up 91.4% in 2024 alone and are up 203.2% over the past 12 months. Nvidia's market cap is now the third-largest company in the S&P 500 at $2.3 trillion.

The Microsoft 2024 Build Conference is another big AI event this week. Hardware products will be displayedAnd new software from the company

Shares of Micron Technology, a competitor to Nvidia, rose more than 3%.

Shares of Target, a major retailer, fell by 2.2% after announcing that it would reduce the prices of its products.Purchase approximately 5,000 items on a recurring basis to try to attract consumers whoConsider the cost

On the economic side, investors are waiting to hear the opinions of government officials.There are 9 people at the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) on Monday and Tuesday. Including reporting informationThis month is the report from the May Federal Open Market Committee meeting. April new home sales and PMI data on Thursday

European markets closed slightly positive. Led by aviation and defense stocksNational Defense Organization, but the increase was limited. Because investors are waiting for informationThe economy is in a state of uncertaintySleeping on the downward trendBrand interest

Aircraft and Defense GroupGDP increased by 1.9%

The technology group rose 0.8%.Before announcing the first quarter resultsNvidia USA

The market rose in a limited way. Because of pressure fromU government bond yieldRozone increased for the second day. The market is waiting for information.Business activities in the new euro areaAt the end of the week, which may have signals about this trendThe central bank's monetary policy is encouraging.pregnancy

At the end of last week, European Central Bank Governing Council member Isabel Schnabel said in an interview with NE.Kkei says the European Central Bank may cut interest rates in JuneHowever, Mr. Na must be carefulAdditional interest reduction due to uncertaintySleep trends

The London Stock Exchange reported that the market sees a chance that the European Central Bank will cut interest rates to 0.65% this year, compared to 0.67% last Friday.

Airbus shares rose 1.2% after the Saudi Group (Saudi Group), which owns Saudi Airlines.and Flyadeal, a low-cost airline.Airbus aircraft order announcement105 narrowboats, said the company directorIt is necessary to submit a large application.From Saudi Arabian Airlines

Mining stocks roseApproximately 0.7% of copper prices rose toScore high

The STOXX 600 index closed at 523.89 points, up 0.95 points, or +0.18%.

The London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 index closed at 8,424.20 points, up 3.94 points, or +0.05%.

The French Stock Exchange CAC-40 index closed at 8,195.97 points, up 28.47 points, or 0.35%.

The German DAX stock market index closed at 18,768.96 points, up 64.54 points, or +0.35%.

West Texas Intermediate crude for June delivery fell 26 cents, or 0.32%, to close at $79.80 a barrel. The price of Brent North Sea crude for July delivery fell 27 cents, or 0.32%, to close at $83.71 per barrel.

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