SBA kicks off ‘1 Province 1 Mini Thanyarak’ scheme, quick win 100 days

The medical department brainstorms and formulates a government action plan for the volunteer group. Go ahead with anti-narcotics policy, quick success, 1 province, establishment of 11 minithanyas.

Dr. Amborn Benchbonpitak Minister of Public Health (Ministry of Public Health) Dr. According to Sonnan Srike, Acting Director General of Medical Services Department revealed that Quick Win has provided policy on issues of prevention, suppression and treatment and rehabilitation. Ministry of Public Health has announced that 1 Provincial and 1 “Mini Thanyarak” will be established for drug patients within 100 days.

The Department of Medical Services, Boromarajonani National Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Addictions (SBOD) and six Regional Emergency Hospitals are key institutions with roles and responsibilities in education development and services. Treatment and rehabilitation, monitoring standards and quality certification of HA drugs to meet the same standards. In addition to developing treatment systems, various programs including staff involved in treating drug addicts to ensure quality. Build strong collaborations and support the activities of relevant network partners across sectors within and outside the Ministry of Public Health to remain strong and dynamic.

Development and quality assurance of drug treatment facilities including knowledge transfer training, development of service systems to reduce harm caused by drug use and rehabilitation treatment with social participation to improve the quality of life of the population in accordance with the policies of the Government and the Ministry of Public Health.


Dr. Sarayuth Punjaipanichavattana Director Boromarajonani National Institute for Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation (NBDC) said the meeting was held to prepare an action plan for the volunteer group. This time the objective was to prepare an action plan for the volunteer group. and jointly determine the direction for the operation of the Emergency Committee Prepare to proceed with operations in the areas of prevention, repression and treatment and rehabilitation in accordance with the Quick Win principle. with a lecture and joint workshops between senior and middle management teams. Collaboratively determining the direction to drive the activities of the volunteer group in 3 critical areas including relevant network partners.

Patient services and regulatory work, consisting of information and educators, is the direction that drives the work of the committee. Focus will be on capacity building of drug related service units and health service systems. According to information on the situation in the area, 1 province, 1 “Mini Tanyarak” and the establishment of a protection and support system for drug addicts at risk of violence according to the Quick Win program according to the country’s policy, standards and legal provisions including monitoring.

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