Sarayut Chakhamdi spoke ahead of Thailand’s clash with China in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.


Former Thailand national team striker Sarayut Chakhamdi, nicknamed “Go 5 Yards”, spoke before the “war elephants” opened their nest to welcome the Chinese national team’s “dragon” army in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, second round, Asia zone, second round, third group, first match on November 16…

“Coach Joe” is currently the coach of Samut Sakhon City FC, a team in the T3 competition in Bangkok and the surrounding area, where he led the team to third place in the table after 9 matches.

“I think we can fight. If we play with patience this Chinese team is able to fight. I would like to see us play the ball on the ground, as I said, Jin is tall and big. Our passing story I think we can still compete,” said “Coach Gu” before Thailand’s match with China. With him. Anyway, I encourage all the youth and the technical staff as well. Keep fighting for our Thai people.

The reporter asked about Samut Sakhon City’s playing style: playing the ball on the ground?

“Coach Joe” replied: “Yes, Samut Sakhon also plays ball on the ground, there are no balls thrown. Passing balls is my style.” It will have beautiful proportions. Many children do and will continue to adhere to this approach. As for the current team’s performance, it is progressing steadily, and I will try to develop it and raise the team’s level as much as possible.

The reporter also wondered if, in Coach Guo’s view, the Thai national team should play the ball on the ground, right?

“Of course, also because of our body shape,” Coach Jo replied. “I think in modern football there are not so many balls thrown. Foot to foot is more important.”

The following is the schedule of the Thai national team’s competitions in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Asian region, second round, third group:

November 16, 2023 (home) vs. the Chinese national team at 7:30 pm at Rajamangala Stadium, broadcast live on Thairath TV Channel 32.

21 November 2023 (away) vs Singapore national team at 7:00pm (Thai time) at Singapore National Stadium, live on Thairath TV Channel 32.

Cr. Photo of Samut Sakhon City FC, AFC / Cr.News Siamsport FootballSiam

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