Myanmar declares martial law in 8 cities in Shan State while the battle is still fierce

Myanmar declared martial law in eight cities in Shan State. The northern part of the country, while battles are taking place between the Myanmar army and the Muslim Brotherhood coalition, are taking place violently.

On 13 November 2023, The Irrawaddy News reported that martial law was declared by the Myanmar State Executive Council in eight cities in Shan State. The northern part of the country after a state of fighting between the Myanmar army and the Muslim Brotherhood alliance. It’s running wild.

The statement stated that martial law exists to maintain security, rule of law and regional stability. According to the news report, 8 cities are under martial law, including Kot Khai, Con Long, Nam Kham, Mo Chi, Lashio, Saen Hue, Con Chan, and Lao Cai.

Under martial law, the army has the power to arrest opponents and try them before military courts. There were no appeals. Except in the case of the death penalty, this requires a direct appeal to the Army Commander, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

The declaration of martial law came after the Brotherhood coalition announced its plan, “Operation 1027,” on October 27. They fought hard against the Myanmar army and were used to fight the capture of the cities of Kon Long and Nam Kham in the strategically important Kokang Autonomous Region. Close to the Chinese border

Earlier, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing told the Defense Council. The National Security Council said on November 8 that the Myanmar government would respond forcefully to “Operation 1027.”

The Brotherhood coalition said it had taken control of all the main roads linking the border trading towns of Mugi, Chin Shuai Haw, Lao Kai and Sain Noi since launching its attack against the Myanmar military government on October 27.

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