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Vivo X100 series has been officially launched in China, and this event is from the team. I was honored to attend this grand opening along with receiving the Vivo Let me tell you that this model might as well be it “The most amazing flagship camera of 2023” immediately!?

Opening the box of the vivo X100 Pro phone

But before going see the full capabilities of the camera. We like to unbox and see the device first. But… It must be said here that the device we have to try is still the one that was released in China first because at the moment the Vivo X100 series has only been launched in China. (But it has been confirmed that it will definitely enter Thailand) Therefore, when this model is actually sold in our country, some equipment may be different.

We quickly unbox, and in the vivo X100 Pro package it comes with 6 devices consisting of:

  • Vivo X100 Pro device
  • Silicone case
  • USB-C to C charging cable
  • Vivo FlashCharge 120W fast charging adapter
  • Insert the SIM tray
  • documentation

Vivo X100 series design

We would like to talk about the concept design of the vivo X100 series, both models first, and we will take you to see the devices together. This tour comes with that concept “The sun and the moon are in your hand” Which focuses on the premium rear camera and divides the rear camera module into two types:

  • The vivo X100 uses a crescent design. There is a more concave bezel on the right side with camera specifications mentioned.
  • vivo X100 Pro uses solar eclipse design. There’s a more impressive frame at the bottom with a list of camera specifications.

Of course, with the uniqueness of the concept that will be chosen, the sun and moon, there are also colors that will help highlight this concept. It’s a new blue color with a Starrail pattern or a rotating star that looks like the moon. In orange with a leather pattern like the luxury bag that resembles the sun.

But of course, basic colors like black should still be available to choose from as before. The device in the box that we tried is black as we saw. This color is classic and perfect just the way it should be. The surface is a matte surface that has a sandy texture and adds shimmering patterns when exposed to light.

Let’s take a closer look at the camera, as we mentioned above, the camera design will have more area for the bottom bezel than any other part, similar to a solar eclipse where there will be a part through which sunlight will pass. There will be information about the featured camera array. VARIO-APO-SONNAR (PRO) 1.75 – 2.5/15 – 100 ASPM, or use a ZEISS APO SONNAR lens with an aperture of f/1.75 – f/2.5, distance 15mm – 100mm. !

Coming back to the screen, the highest brightness of Vivo is also 3000nits, which is called the highest screen in the market currently.

The surroundings of the machine are still beautifully designed with a sleek brushed aluminum frame. There is a button in the right corner of the entire device.

The upper part of the device still maintains the concept of a professional camera by mentioning the word Professional Photography as before. At the bottom of the device there is the location of the communication port, microphone, main speaker and SIM slot.

Overall, regarding the design of vivo X100 Pro, we think it is more perfect. Both in terms of the camera module going through the solar eclipse concept which makes the camera look great and has a story. The curved screen also gives it a premium look and is very usable.

Vivo X100 Pro camera

Now coming to the camera, the vivo X100 Pro has a very interesting upgrade in terms of camera specifications. Get the same three rear cameras, but the resolution has been increased to 50 megapixels, and they all consist of

  • 50MP main camera (1-inch IMX989 sensor) f/1.75, OIS
  • 50MP ultra-wide camera with f/2.0 aperture
  • 50 MP periscope camera, 4.3xf/2.5 ZEISS APO lens

As you can see, the live camera because in addition to the 1x, 2x, 4.3x or 10x distance which has numbers already set on each number, we can also click to adjust the distance. For example, the 1x icon will move by 1.2x > 1.5x or in a large zoom range, you can press it as well. In addition, the numbers, besides being x, are also displayed in millimeters.

While we are trying to take photos, let me tell you that the main camera of vivo X100 Pro, which uses IMX989 sensor, still shows its versatility as well. The background dissolves beautifully and smoothly. Excellent light control High level of clarity Zoom the crop sensor into the 1.5x or 2.2x range and it will still be clear.

But the real advantage of the vivo X100 Pro this time is not only the main camera. Because the zoom camera has been upgraded with a periscope camera with a range of 100mm, equivalent to 4.3x distance, allowing us to get closer. It also uses well-coated ZEISS SONNAR APO lenses. “And we’d say this is the best telephoto lens we’ve tried this year. In the 4.3x-10x range, it’s very sharp. Or if you zoom in a little more, 20x is still very comfortable.”

But just brutal zoom alone won’t be enough, this time Vivo has added features to capture sunlight to be clearer as well. Normally, taking photos of the sun with a smartphone is difficult, the photos come out cloudy and don’t capture the light well, but on live it’s better plus you get a zoom range that can get much closer. It allows us to capture the sun’s rays more clearly than any other model.

Portrait mode has been upgraded this time around for both still photos and video. In still images, the distance can be used up to 5: 24mm > 35mm > 50mm > 85mm > 100mm, which is very versatile for portraits, plus there is a ZEISS Portrait. You can choose from modes to set the beautiful background bokeh as usual. As for video, this time you can record video with a clear foreground and a blurred background at a maximum of 4K/30 fps.

This is just a quick example that we used for just one day. There are many other images that we need more time for. But it’s enough to make you feel that Vivo is very serious this time! Because both the main camera and the zoom are definitely not inferior to competitors. Taking pictures is beautiful and more fun. It’s really a waiting equation.

Vivo X100 Pro specifications

Finally, the Vivo X100 Pro specifications are also up. Because it uses MediaTek’s latest flagship chipset, the Dimensity 9300, and it also has plenty of RAM and plenty of capacity, like the one we got which was a 16GB+512GB model, this level of specs was tested on AnTuTu Benchmark and came out to touch 2 million. Really, really powerful!

As for the battery, it has a large capacity of 5400 mAh with a 100W fast charging system. There is no need to worry about long use and it can be quickly recharged. Vivo X100 Pro is fully equipped!

All of this is just a brief preview of the Vivo from the inside because the model we got to try is still the only one sold in China. The internal software is still OriginOS (the version sold in our country will likely be FunTouchOS), which some experiences will be different. But as much as I feel about rough usage, I have to say that the story of this camera has lived up to a level that will definitely please fans!

This article has been left here for now. When will the device be launched in Thailand? There will definitely be a full review where you can try it out and be more satisfied. For today, I will say goodbye.

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