On Sriphan tells the story of the moment A Anan met her sister for the first time in Germany. It's like realizing things that have been stuck in my heart for 61 years.

On Sriphan recounts the moment A Anan flew to meet her estranged sister for the first time in Germany. Revealing tears all the time It's like realizing things that have been stuck in my heart for 61 years.

Let's go to “On Sriphan” who I also met at yesterday's event. He opened his heart with a trembling sound and tears flowed in relief. After seeing her husband, Aanan Bunag, he meets his estranged sister for the first time in his life. Address: Köln (Cologne), Germany.

On told him that since childhood, Uncle A had raised one family. They never knew who their real parents were and he had no intention of going looking for them. Because there is no information at all. Until the day Uncle A met Aun, Aun believed that his love for Uncle A was complete. It should have been satisfying for him, but it was stuck in his mind the whole time.

Until last February, Nephew A also provided information that I spoke with P'A's older sister in Germany. So it made me realize that the information that Phi A received as a child that he was half American is not true. Then my older sister sent me a photo of my father. It is very similar until P'A got to the point of crying, 'Aon' asked P'A if she wanted to do anything, and 'P'A' said she wanted to go see her sister. And I want to go to pay my respects to the father once. Since my father died in 2009, I started making arrangements to travel to Germany and traveled to see him on May 2nd.

Who after meeting my sister then told what his sister knew. I only know that my father is an engineer. He traveled to Thailand in 1962 (P'A was born in 1963) and thought that when the father arrived it was probably 'Aun' he said the best thing was that 'P'A' already knew it was the father who had the older sister and all There they were very welcoming. Her older sister gave P'A an important gift to keep. His older sister said he was very happy to meet “P'A” because “P'A” looked very similar to his father, both in a sitting and walking position, and she said it was as if he was seeing his father again.

“Aon” said that “P”A” had been crying all the time since he went to Cologne, where they sat for the first three days and only talked about their father. He went to his father's grave, and paid his respects to his father as he intended. It was as if everything had come true For the past 61 years, after his return, P'A still talks to his sister all the time and soon he will come to Thailand as well. Aon said that it was a miracle and he was very happy for P'A Also now he is no longer worried about his baldness because I already know that this is exactly what was passed down from my father.

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