Asia-Pacific shares rose as US CPI came in lower than expected to update global market data.

© Reuters. – Asia Pacific stocks are expected to open higher, reflecting gains in U.S. stocks. This was driven by a lower-than-expected consumer price index in October.

By 11:10 am AEDT (00:10 am GMT), the index was up 1.4%, 1.8% and 1.7% respectively.

The U.S. stock market rallied significantly after October, rising 3.2% slowly, up 489 points, or 1.4%, up 1.9%, up 2.4%.

Every sector is growing. As a result, prices rose 5.3% in the commodity market, driven by real estate stocks that are sensitive to changes in interest rates. It was down 0.1% at US$82.47 a barrel and up 0.8% at US$1,962.97.

In the bond market, Treasury yields were steady at 4.34%, while Treasury yields fell to 4.66%. US Treasuries declined. The rate of return is 4.83% and the rate of return is 4.45%.

In Asia, Chinese stocks closed on higher expectations ahead of Wednesday’s meeting between President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, leading to big gains in software and real estate stocks. But there are still energy stocks putting pressure on the market. Hong Kong stocks edged lower on weaker tech stocks. Japan’s Nikkei index rose 0.3% earlier in the same session, despite gains in real estate, financials and other sectors.

In Europe, stocks rose sharply in late trade. US inflation data came out weaker than expected. The market closed up 0.2% on Tuesday, supported by gains in real estate and mining. US consumer price inflation was weaker than expected.

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