International SOS launches a comprehensive and safe housing service for employees

With today’s complex travel landscape1 international rescue (SOS International) is the world’s leading health and security assistance company. Announcing the launch of the enhanced safe housing service to support customers in providing a safe place to stay for their employees traveling abroad. It is an important part of your travel risk management plan in accordance with ISO 31030:2021. Services developed by International SOS include a Workforce Resilience subscription that provides 24/7 assistance, advice and expert consultation and this is a new collaboration with Safe Hotels (Safe hotels) The global leader in hotel safety and security certifications.

With the increased rate of travel, various restrictions following the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the current geopolitical tensions this makes it necessary for companies to evaluate the security of accommodation for employees assigned to work abroad. This is despite the fact that most stays are quiet. But housing risk monitoring is an area that has gained increasing importance in recent years. Because of the increase in terrorism2 This includes the attack on the hotel.

With this in mind, International SOS is enhancing its ability to advise businesses on how to keep their employees safe while abroad with the Hotel Security Advisor feature. Effective assessment methods for handling situations occurring in hotels including Mumbai, Bamako, Ouagadougou and Jakarta, as well as the ability to operate in high-risk environments around the world, make Inter National SOS well equipped to provide accommodation-related support to its hotels. Client.

environmental systemtoAccommodation servicePromoted fromSOS International:

workforce RSubscription flexibility: When planning upcoming travel, organizations need safe hotel options for employees who will be working abroad.

  • It helps improve the health and well-being of employees, which enhances the organization’s ability to cope with various aspects
  • Access a database of 1,100 hotels from International SOS and Safehotels that have been verified and rated for safety.
  • You can access property safety training through our digital training portfolio’s online training service*
  • Travel and accommodation information can be tracked in real time using the Tracker function, as well as our active monitoring and trip management services.

Help all day long 24 hour: Before sending employees to work abroad organizations should check whether the accommodation booked is suitable for the employee and what risks the country of travel poses.

  • Access 24-hour advisory information, including hotel-specific information Specific recommendations for travel plans and situations Seek advice from security experts about the property in case something unusual happens or requires evacuation.
  • Comprehensive travel management and proactive monitoring in high-risk locations.

advisor: In-depth hotel and neighborhood risk assessments for corporate security teams

  • Includes in-depth analysis and field examination of hotel risks related to specific travel, activities or tasks.
  • Access a database of verified hotels by business location
  • Specific accommodation recommendations and fitness assessments for employees assigned to work off-site.

In cooperation withSafe hotels: Provide additional experience and knowledge regarding hotel protection and hygiene security assessments by visiting the area to independently assess

  • Standards for verifying security, cleanliness and hygiene in hotels are determined by an independent organization and recognized by UNISDR and ICCA.
  • Hotel accreditation standards are divided into levels (standard, premium or executive)
  • In-depth assessment of hotel safety and security, training, security systems, fire suppression systems, crisis management and enhanced security for those in high-risk locations.

This partnership will expand the network of security-certified hotel options immediately available to customers.

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*Learn more about International SOS’s digital training portfolio online training service. click here

1 SOS International Risk Outlook Report 2023p. 3
2 United Nations, December 2022

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