VALORANT OFF//SEASON, ESL Clash of Nations 2023, Day 2, was surprised by the introduction of a new player, XERXIA, which almost made the fans lose face.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 9:06 AM, 29 seconds IST

After the author had the opportunity to make a presentation about one of the major competitions. Its season Industry Valorant In the list ESL Clash of Nations 2023 Which comes with the excitement of a new and exciting brand like Thai eSports VALEE Even almost made it belong to a veteran like him Meth He almost fainted, and for those who are interested, you can go and read the summary again in this article.

Which competition ESL Clash of Nations 2023 to November 7, 2023 the second day It will be round. upper quadrant And there will be competition together. 2 The pairs are as follows:

  • NKT vs. All-Out Attack
  • XERXIA vs The Infinity Esport

In the first match the second day It will be a meeting between two well-known teams made up of affiliations that have just won the championship in the big program. Africa Just a little while ago NKT Team Which must be combined with belonging Attack everywhere A new look, because there was a new change of players within the agency not long ago. So he made the list ESL Clash of Nations 2023 This is their first battle to show their skills.


Because of the concentration of the two agencies and as a result, they both came out to show their skills as if no one would surrender to anyone on their own maps. As a result, this competition had to be delayed until the final map. link But in the end, with form he will come strong NKT Team Along with solving the amazing plan of the back team and thus making this victory go to them with the result. 2 – 1 (13:6, 11:13, 13:9) It’s a shame to go.

Then came the final match. This has led many people to speculate that “this fight will definitely end quickly”, and it will be a meeting between representative agencies from Thailand that had the opportunity to enter the big fight in a high-level program. Boarding in Xerxia Which will have to meet a new and energetic team like Infiniti eSport


But an unexpected event happened when… Xerxia You decide to compete in this big battle by grabbing players who have recently been recruited Zerchia Academy in Vickies Comes into position to replace a carrying player, e.g xZe In addition to both Vickies And LBY There was also an exchange of positions. Which caused a question for fans. Xerxia Let’s find out exactly what happened to this powerful group of players. Although the latter Xerxia You will be able to win but I have to admit it Infiniti eSport Better make them choke a little. This competition ended in victory Xerxia Go with the result 2-1 (7:13, 13:5, 13:8)

As for the next round of competition, it will be on the third day. By starting with competition November 8, 2023 time Bottom round 1 A long time ago 5:00 pm. Onwards and there will be competition together. 2 Husband Consisting of

  • Aricat Esports vs VALEE Thai Esports
  • Attack Everywhere vs. The Infinity Esport

Finally, we have to wait and watch the competition. ESL Clash of Nations 2023 How much fun and unexpected twists will there be? Which organization will win the tickets? 2 The last card to get the stake to enter the main competition of the round. Main It happened If it works, we must continue to wait and see.

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