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(Xinhua Archive Photo: Jian gives the green light to ships traveling “Minjiang River” again on December 18, 2022)

Beijing, November 1, 2019 (Xinhua) Nanping city, Fujian Province, southeast China. Which has always adhered to the concept of green development and has embarked on a path of development that combines ecosystem protection. Green development and improving people’s livelihood

In 2021, Nanping proposes to establish guidelines for the protection and development of national parks around Wuyi Mountain, with an initial area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 4,252 square kilometers. Preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity.

As of April 23, 2023, the proposal has successfully passed peer review. Nanping City also conducted three special studies on environmental protection. Green development, improving people’s well-being and taking concrete steps to strengthen the protection of the ecological environment. Including the protection of historical and cultural heritage. Improving infrastructure, integrating culture and tourism, and extension projects to revitalize the countryside

So far, a number of Nanping projects have been completed, such as biodiversity protection in the mountainous areas of northwestern Fujian Province. And environmental protection and restoration of the Wuyi Mountains. At the same time, Nanping also accelerated the implementation of 85 projects, each worth more than 100 million yuan (about 100 million baht), such as ecological environmental management of upstream areas.

In addition, Nanping pursues a policy of developing and building a competitive green economy. Under the concept of saving the world

The 2023 Nanping City Government Work Report indicates that in 2022, Nanping City initiated or implemented 48 bamboo industry chain projects, 42 tea industry chain projects, 15 aquatic animal industry chain projects, 193 food processing industry chain projects and 45 cultural projects. Tourism industry chain projects

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