Ryu Vachirawit answers clearly about the relationship with Toey Jarinphon, and admits that he has someone to talk to.

Suddenly I was being watched. For the relationship between the young actors Rio Vashirawit WattanapakDepesarn And the great heroine Tui jarenfon junkiat After Ryu made a video with Toey, he looked so cute that fans liked it Ryu Vachirawit recently came as a couple to the “BEC MUSIC RED Carpet Party” event, so the reporter hurriedly asked about this matter.

any Rio Vashirawit Answer: “Ryu has never done a video. This is the first clip Ryu has edited. Ryu meets P'Toey a lot so he puts them in the same clip. When we got off we told him on the line.

Before going down, I said I am going down. When he flirted with someone, I wrote and told him I was sorry something like that happened. He calmly said that we were not intending to flirt with him at all, we are close, we see each other often. We're okay with people feeling that way. But Ryu and P'Toey don't have anything normal.

Their relationship is that of siblings, so close in fact, there's a word for calling it P'Toey, but I can't say we reserve it for each other. I mean we love to tease him. Everyone in the group knows. But when it went to the media, they told me not to speak, not to say.

I was asked if going anywhere like this would make me cramp at all. It's so normal to see P'Toey as usual. It was just the two of us, and we met a lot of the big players and the Matalada team. I spoke to P'Toey the day he gave the interview. Ryo is already talking. If Ryo was interviewed, what would Ryo answer?

The conversation is normal. But I want to tell you when Ryo is really ready. Ryo will tell everyone himself. I wasn't going to hide it. We want to talk about love when we are really sure. One day, if he can't go on everything changes, we want to talk the day we're truly stable and sure. Then I will definitely tell everyone.

Now all I can say is that there are people talking. If it launches, that's it. I asked if it was with the people who were in the news or not. This person is close. We ask each other.”

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