Jurgen Klopp launches his official Instagram account – Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp opened his official Instagram account with a special message to Liverpool fans.

The Reds leader will bid farewell to the club on Sunday.After managing the team for 9 years, he went live under the name @kloppo.

And Klopp has some words for him.For the fans on the occasion of the launch…

For people who are related to LiWarbull, we're getting close.More Endings On October 8, 2015, we met well for the first time.First, I would call it romantic. From day one, it was a great time.Most of all, I really enjoyed it. And I want to thank youThank you so much for all the support.You have provided for us all these years.Thank you for all the strength you provided.Given to us I've always thought it was educational.It felt like we were writing a storyTogether, that's how things work.Feelings of the Day It's a good book. If we read it in the future, it will put a smile on our faces. Goodbye to an incredible placeThis is very difficult, but I want to continue to contact the media.Communicate with them even if it's when I don'tYes, people who use social media… A lot of people tell me that social media is good.We can help you, so let's get started and see you!

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