I can not resistance! The Thai women’s national football team loses to North Korea in a match and bids farewell to the volleyball team.

Thailand women’s national football team 0-7 North Korea national football team

Women’s Olympic Football Qualifiers, Asia Zone, Round 2, Group B, Match 3, on November 1st at Xiamen Egret Stadium, the Thai women’s national football team competed, the stadium met with the North Korean national team, in the first match, Chapa Kaeo lost to South Korea 1-10 and lost to China 3-0. North Korea beat China and tied with South Korea by four points. In this match, Naruifon Kaenson sent many rising stars onto the court, including Nacha Kayo-an. Ta with Annaporn Amanpang and Chatraya Prathumkul

The match started at the 22nd minute. Kim Kyung-young slipped and crossed to give North Korea a 1-0 lead. North Korea took a 2-0 lead from a long ball sent by Kim Kyung-young into the midfield for Song. Hyang Sim shot in the 27th minute from a rubber ball, and Kim Hyung Young put the ball on the ground before shooting with his right, scoring the second goal in the match. And let North Korea survive 3-0.

Second half, 52nd minute, Kim Kyung-yong passed to Kim Jong-sim, who scored a free pass for North Korea, to lead 4-0, and in the 59th minute, Kim Chung-mi opened for Kim Kyong-yong to get a clear header. In and give it. It was a hat-trick in this game for North Korea to take a 5-0 lead in the 86th minute from a free kick and then Lee Hak scored to put North Korea 6-0 up in the 88th minute. North Korea were awarded a penalty kick by Go Hyo Sim. He was responsible for the kill as North Korea closed the deficit to 7-0.

The rest of the time did not witness any additional goals. The end of the match was with Chaba Kaew losing to North Korea 0-7. He played 3 matches, without points, and was eliminated from the women’s football competition, the Olympic qualifiers, the Asian region, at the hands of the Thai team. Women’s national football team. It will return promptly and you will arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport on November 2 at 11:15 AM.

List of 11 key players in the Thailand women’s national football team

Tiffany Daruni Sunphao (GK), Kanchanaporn Sengkhon (C), Supaporn Inthaprasit, Achiraya Yingsakul, Pliumjay Sontheisawat, Praywa Nodnabi, Orawan Kiriswanakul, Nacha Kiwanta, Parishat Thongrong, Annapon Amanvong, Chatraya Prathumkul

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