Art Passot responds to his relationship with Nav, Pat’s niece, after a photo of them together in Italy.

He is a handsome and charming young hero. Plus a six pack that is so tight that the girls are in awe. Art basut paniyam A famous actor and owner of a crispy pork business in recent times, apart from the business being lucky and doing well. I have plans to make a horror film based on my true story. Ready to open on the show Celebrities sat down and cleared things up on Channel 8, giving a manly answer about the state of their hearts: Yes. Nav Chattanan granddaughter Pat Napa or not

Previously, art was not for this type of person. Anyone who says anything, art will die. Why do you seem softer lately?
It’s not software. But I understand people’s lives more. I understand the cycle of people’s suffering. And understanding people’s clear minds if he is stressed about something and has no money, he will say that this person is flaunting his wealth. But if he had money he would say that this person works hard to earn a living. I feel like it’s more his fault. We’re too lazy to bring him into the drama.

How does art think from this angle? Does it make us comfortable?
It is wonderful that the teacher asked, what do you get when you create merit, this is merit for him. It depends on what he thinks. It depends on whether we are showing off or not. But if he has enough merit he will think this person is determined to work. He has today. This was the bright light that made him think.

May I ask do you have a boyfriend or not, are there many?
There’s someone to talk to, just one person.

Are you 40 years old and look young?
I would now be 42 years old. Now my life has changed, sir. This means that when we are not disturbed, what should we be careful to do? I already have savings. The house has been paid for. What was erased? Now life felt comfortable.

Whoever enters this life now, shouldn’t he suffer and enjoy happiness?
No need, come and enjoy.

Nav Chattanan, Pat Nappa’s niece, posted a photo of herself outside. Who said there was someone to talk to, was that someone?
Nav has seen him since he was 10 years old. This year he is 23-24 years old. He went to Italy. Many people misunderstood that they were going together. Really, no, I went with a generous agent. I went to the parking lot first and then there was Pat, Nav and the kids, he followed me for 3 days and saw the temple in the middle. It is very difficult for people to take photos alone, and while Nav was taking photos, I secretly stood up. It turns out we were together, but we were actually the nephews and nieces of friends. Just go play.

But is there anyone to cheer him on?
Nav, he probably won’t consider me a father. He’s old enough to be his father, he’s 24 and I’m 42. Now, I’m not saying this is impossible. Or whatever is possible, the future will tell. But now someone is going to take this tape and say whether it’s KAC or not. Because the future is unknown. But now it’s like we’re working together. His younger brother also made this cream. I am also a cream provider. It’s a secret that we’ll see each other more often.

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