Daily News November 1. Sita cuts off the military lands, distributing New Year gifts to people

Daily News Wednesday edition, November 1, 2023 (6-star frame)

News 1. Sita cuts off military territory Distributing New Year gifts to people Model pilot Nong Wa Su – delivered on December 25 Chaya complains of confusion in work orders and hopes to cut 22 deputies.
News 2. Girl complains about fern leaves Scam for investing in nail shop Claimed to have good money – more than 30 victims lost 10 million disappeared.
News 3. Big Kong expands and arrests 4 Chinese in a gold trading scam along with 22 unruly henchmen. I searched 21 points in 8 governorates.
News 4. Prime Minister calls for concern about Thai workers. Israel insists on compensation of 50,000 pounds per head, and loan interest is cheap.
News 5. Police Chief Signs Action Oath Rong Rui Juk Tae They blend together perfectly. Kraiboon-Samran cracks down on illegal oil

1 Star Frame (North, Northeast, Southeast) 1 Day Advance (November 2, 2023)

News 1. The Prime Minister will not dissolve the Security Operations Society (ISOC) and join the army. He ordered the land to be cut down and given to the people, starting with the Nong Wua So model, and given on December 25 as a New Year’s gift.
News 2. Cyber ​​police crack down on arms trade – 4 fake registration documents online Across the country, carpets were laid at 14 sites, 7 people were arrested, arsenals were confiscated.
News 3. Police investigators searched 21 points in 8 provinces and arrested 4 Chinese investors and 22 followers, who traded 1.2 billion baht, and invited them to trade stocks. Fake gold trading page
News 4. Compensation 50,000 – Low interest loan Bringing workers back to Thailand Israel doesn’t stop shooting.
News 5. Big Tor divided up the work of the deputy police chief. Kripun-Samranrang has cracked down on illegal oil

All details can be found in the November 1 Daily News and the November 2, 2023 advance edition.

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