Netanyahu urges Israel-Hamas tunnel clash not to stop filming Don’t surrender to Hamas l TNN World Today

The Israeli military said today it struck Hamas fighters inside a Hamas network of tunnels under the Gaza Strip. The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip of Hamas has reported that more than 8,300 people have died in the Gaza Strip from the ground operations that have invaded Gaza for the past several days. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday that the ceasefire with Hamas will continue. “This will never happen,” he said, adding that doing so would be “surrendering” to Hamas. Although neither the United Nations nor the UN has warned that aid to Gaza is still insufficient. and lead to a humanitarian disaster. Update news highlights and interesting analysis. Become friends at TNN World, click Follow TNN World through various channels at Website : Youtube : TikTok : // Channels to Follow News Station TNN Channel 16 https: // https://www.tiktok .com/@tnnonline LINE @TNNONLINE OR CLICK Stay connected with the world, stay connected with the economy, know every fact with TNN Channel 16. , quickly, correctly, accurately and impartially by a professional news team.

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