Tina Souvanat opens up before her ordination I cried when I saw the comments and they drove me to death. Almost thought about it (clip)

Having decided to become a monk on November 2, he will shave his hair and be ordained for 14 days at Wat Sri Bunrueang. Tina Sovanath Chitalila I came to open my mind through the program. “Talk Zap Show” on Channel One 31 about the reasons for this demarcation decision. I’ll admit, I’ve been having quite a bit of drama lately. Who had just been ordained and had just finished all his works. He stressed that he was not ordered to escape from the drama. Revealing your weak point in life with bad comments will lead you to death!

Set for November 2?
Tina: Painted at Wat Sri Bunrueang. We are students of this temple. Luang Four Nine’s respect is as respectful as a father’s. That is, he greeted us as if something was happening. My father also died at the end of the month. You will receive me at the beginning of the month. That you should use your money carefully we don’t care about anything. He received us to allow us to come to Him. But with him being a kid I’m just hanging out. I didn’t enter. At the end of the month, my parents died. He came and revealed that he tried to warn us. It’s something to remember.

At first I was going to paint for one week, but the novice father told me to paint for two weeks, so I said let’s move on. And whoever decided to draw, I must tell you that there are many stories in the past year. The last incident that was the fault of ourselves. Tina wants to be a new version of herself. And I am more aware than before of the fact that we have been ordained this time. I want to ordain my father as well. It’s like starting a new life. And the latest events serve as a warning that if we live our lives unconsciously, we will neglect again. Your life is very important.

But are we still lucky to have practiced some Dhamma?
Tina: Before, I went to memorize the eight precepts and became a Brahmin monk, but I had not shaved my head yet, the maximum was 3 days and 2 nights, but this time ordination means shaving my head.

The last point is that we decided to shave our heads. Is it also because of our verticality?
Tina: Yeah, it’s like we have to go back to the first movie and even today, 13 years ago, we still haven’t encountered a lot of people saying that. As was the case last year, we have made this down payment. It was very tough. We have always tried to look at the world in a positive light. We don’t want to show any weakness to anyone.

When we dive too much we usually consult a doctor. We use many methods. “Going with friends, going to temple, praying, doing whatever you can, but in the end, you’re really trying to find happiness around you. But really, happiness comes from within our hearts. If our hearts are not at peace, no matter where we are… , they will not help us. Because the worst are the bad comments. There are already too many of them. We cannot escape reading these comments. We sit and read continuously. There are comments that we remember clearly. Tell them why their parents have not died yet.

This comment takes you back to the beginning of the day your parents died, doesn’t it?
Tina: Yes, it brings us back to why we live. (Sound starts to shake) We’re not that good. It makes us feel bad. Or are we really that bad?

But some comments said that this painter came to escape drama?
Tina: I saw that, but we sat and thought. The drama happened in April, actually, we had been thinking about becoming a priest for a long time. But the time is not like that. If you were ordained at that time, you would not be able to do it. We haven’t finished clearing anything yet. We really want your mind to be calm. If we really escape after the accident, we should go for it, right? We don’t want to escape the problem

Have you felt this way since your parents left? Have we become problem children?
Tina: I think when our parents died, when we were 25, we didn’t know why we had problems. We feel like a child living a comfortable life. I want to go anywhere. Even though we live the same life, why are we not happy? We keep thinking, what is happiness? Even today, I still don’t know. What is happiness? When we turned around, we felt like we had no one. In the past we had a family day. But when he’s not here we feel like we’re missing something. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. We browse the broadcast (tears flow). We see other people hanging out with their parents. We’re secretly jealous. Why don’t we have more time? We didn’t want to post the pictures at all, and until the day was over, we never told anyone.

That is, we cannot be alone. So you should have friends?
Tina: Lately, life has taken a turn and I still can’t find a way for myself. Go on a break with friends Can’t be alone In the past we used to talk without thinking, why were we all confused, because we were more than doing.

What is happiness today?
Tina: Honestly, to this day, I still don’t know what true happiness is. Searching for its meaning. Our ordination on the second day did not think we were men. We are little women. One person wants to be ordained I really want us to be at peace I want to live with myself and be more aware, what should I learn?

The whole time the parents were away. Are you faced with negative comments that make you think briefly?
Tina: There are some incidents, and there have been really serious incidents. What should I do to make it as comfortable as possible? Just search on Google. What way to leave is most comfortable It happened a few times when we were really frustrated. But I’m afraid of pain, I’m afraid of suffering (crying), and the easiest way is to sleep in the car and smoke by myself, which I think is difficult. We live with ourselves. What he was able to pass was a time that healed our hearts so much. And the date the incident occurred, Brother Ning has healed our hearts a lot. Because of the words she said some things she didn’t need to talk about that day. It can only be said when time helps us heal our hearts. P’Ning gave an example of himself and the past drama. Brother Ning, he’s strong. He’s been through the drama. It helps us regain consciousness. Even Brother Ning came through. We must succeed.

When we are in pain, do we know who is next to us?
Tina: A simple comparison is if our roof was leaking. When we suffer we don’t even know who is worried about us.

Because we experience the true nature of real people. How do we feel?
Tina: At first glance, I was sad. Why didn’t we regain our hearts? It is secretly expected. I think this guy will be good for us. When we have a problem why not improve us? But now I sit down and settle down. It was too late. We sat and thought. It’s like checking people up.

How did Ning become close to Tina?
Tina: Thank you, Brother Karatay. He asked us to surprise Brother Ning. i don’t know yet. Then they became close.

Ning: Ning doesn’t see how cute he is. But we saw his weakness the whole time we knew each other. Whey has a dark side. Purity is the same. He told me about his parents. We feel that it is fragile. I am a person who searches for something and does not find it. Trying to be accepted by others. But he did not find anything that met his needs in life. What was he ning before. And sometimes we can’t see his condition, if we take an example of the drama he just faced at the beginning of the year, if it is Ning, you will find it yourself. It’s a very small matter. But for him, when he returned home, he had no one, so it was difficult for him.

Tina: At that time, Brother Ning was very kind. Having the opportunity to meet gave P’Ning some ideas. He said it as if this child had committed suicide, so what would it be like? What will society be like? Let’s talk and let’s think. Let’s keep fighting. Today we intend to ask Brother Ning for forgiveness (Hands Together)

Then let Ning Panetta be the first to cut her hair. Before going into the ordination ceremony on November 2, the host said he was happy to hear that he would be ordained. They believe that this painter we know what we did wrong. Thai people are willing to give opportunities to improve and change and not read comments. Let those comments go. And others will see that we are making an image. We have created some good images.

When we consume comments a lot, does it affect the work as well?
Tina: It affects us too, we have to cancel work. Comment that we already have. It spreads to our work, programs, and different clients until the client cancels our work. Go comment on Tina’s bad behavior. No need to rent we admit that we were really wrong. We apologize here. It was our only mistake. Promise to improve Be more aware

The main purpose is to become an ordained in exchange for your parents’ merit?
Tina: Since his death I have never asked my father for anything. We’ll tell you that you don’t have to worry about anything, my child. I am the youngest child. I will do my best. Don’t worry. I want him to go to a good world. Don’t worry about us. But sometimes I secretly cry. I found a very weak point. Cry and cover my face with a pillow or put a cloth over your mouth and scream. He used to be unconscious to the point of screaming. I asked my father why he died. Why did you leave me alone When we vented, when we thought about it, we held ourselves together. He said I’m just sorry, I’m conscious and I’ll try to do better.

What do you have to say to the audience?
Tina: (raises her hand to apologize) Tina asks everyone for forgiveness. People who made you uncomfortable or sad, and who caused you trouble. This causes drama problems. Maybe a lot of people know who he is, so I apologize and ask for forgiveness here. Tina apologizes to the fans for disappointing her. (Sobbing) He apologizes and asks for forgiveness. I invite everyone to participate in creating merit.

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