The Nakhon Pathom United coach said after leading the team to beat Lamphun Warriors 0-2.


Akbar Nawas, head coach of Nakhon Pathom United, spoke about his team losing goals on penalties this season. Ready to encourage the team to focus and be more careful than before…

The Soya Pa Raja army made a mistake and awarded penalty kicks in the last 4 consecutive matches in the league, losing 3 goals since the opening match, losing to Police Tiro FC 1-2, and losing to Trat FC 3-4. They recently lost to Lamphun Warriors 0-2, with their opening match beating Khon Kaen United 4-2, losing a penalty kick. But the goalkeeper was able to defend.

In addition to Nawas, the Singaporean army coach. “Suea Pa Raja” revealed, saying: “I understand that it was a football moment when we missed a penalty kick. But if we focused on the match and played carefully. The referee could not have given us a penalty kick.”

“Of course, awarding a penalty always affects a player’s mind a lot. It can be the deciding factor in the game. So we have to be more careful from now on.

In this regard, the situation is in the last army league, and “Souya Ba Raja” played 9 matches, winning 3, drawing 2, and losing 4, with 11 points, and ranks ninth in the rankings table.

For Nakhon Pathom United’s next fixtures, they will face Thai Spirit FC in the 2023/24 Chang FA Cup, Round of 64, Wednesday 1 November 2023 at 7:00pm at the School Stadium.

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