WOODZ returns to Thailand again! Ready to prepare for a special show at the ‘2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR ‘OO-LI and’ in Bangkok’

MOODZ (MoodZ) Thai people, get ready! Because of the young artist, idol and talented producer “Woods” or “Cho Seung-yeon” Don’t let the Thai band MOODZ have to wait long, get ready to return to Thailand and provide full entertainment once again in concert. “WOODZ WORLD TOUR 2023 ‘OO-LI AND’ IN BANGKOK” On Sunday, December 17, 2023 at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani, with skilled organizers such as “Bex” The event organizing company within the Workpoint group is the event organizer together “Edam Entertainment” / Kong Yun team / “YJ Partners” / “Proud 2” And Happy birthday I organized this party

Yet earlier, young “WOODZ or Cho Seung-yeon” A singer with a good voice who comes with a variety of colorful music genres. He returned to Thailand after one year last July. Along with the ceremony “WOODZ WORLD TOUR 2023 OO-LI IN BANGKOK” Let MOODZ Thais enjoy the fun for two shows, and in December 2023, the young artist will not miss the opportunity to return to Thai fans again. Ready to prepare many surprise offers for MOODZ. Thai people will miss you.

Countdown to opening ticket sales soon, sleep. “Woods” or “Cho Seung-yeon” Don’t wait, send a greeting clip to MOODZ Thai people in Thai:“Hi Ty Mods, I miss you all so much.” He said he still remembers the last concert clearly. With gratitude at that time he returned to Thailand again. Ready to speak Thai language and present MOODZ show to Thai people,“Waiting to meet everyone.~

child “Woods” or “Cho Seung-yeon” Sending your condolences” and ready to come back and meet MOODZ Thai people again in this way. MOODZ Thai people definitely cannot miss each other. Close the queue, warm your hands and get ready to book tickets together on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at 10:00 AM onwards. Online on the site www.thaiticketmajor.com And Thai Ticket Major in 9 major branches, and on Monday, October 30, 2023, tickets will be available for sale across all channels, ticket prices are 6300 (standing ticket) / 5900 / 5300 / 4300 / 3900 and 2900 baht, along with various special privileges, a lot for the people Thai MOODZ too. You can follow news and activities. Additional information on Facebook and X: @BEX_Concert

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Thai MOODZs still deliver on their three promises well, don’t they? Get ready to close out the day well because “Woods” or “Cho Seung-yeon” Back to giving happiness to MOODZ Thai people again as promised. This time they will come back with many special offers, MOODZ Thais should not miss it. Get ready to warm up to press your card on October 29, 2023 and get ready to come together to create special memories you’ll never forget “Woods” We end the year together 💙🧡

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