“Apichai Taechaubon” bought a large number of JCKH shares, 836 million shares, owning 24%, becoming No. 1.

JCKH changed the shareholder structure after Apichai Taechaubon purchased a large amount of shares amounting to 836.59 million shares or 18% of JC Kevin Development, which led it to own 23.95% of the shares, becoming the largest shareholder No. 1 from 5.9499%. previously

Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (second) Report pursuant to the Company’s Acquisition or Disposition of Securities Form (Form 246-2) received notice from the Company.Hospitality JCK Public limited company or JCKH Referenced on October 25, 2023 Mr. Apichai Taishubun Acquisition of 836,588,562 JCKH shares, representing 18.0041% of the company’s paid-up capital. Through the stock exchange trading system on the Big Lot Board by purchasing from JC Kevin Development Company Limited.

As a result, following the Transaction, Mr. Apichai Taishobun owns a total of 1,113,061,346 shares in JCKH, representing a proportion of 23.9540% Prior to the transaction, he owned 276,472,784 shares, representing 5.9499%.

Meanwhile, JCKH hasTellsStock Exchange of Thailand (SET) regarding the changeShareholder structure It’s like this:

  • JC Kevin Development Company Limited, prior to the transaction, owned 836,588,562 shares or the current 18%.I don’t own shares
  • Prior to entering into the transaction, Mr. Apichai Taishobun owned 276,472,784 shares, or 5.95%, and currently owns 276,472,784 shares. 1,113,061,346 shares or percentage 23.95%

In this regard, the change in the above-mentioned shares has no impact on the administrative and organizational structure of the company. The transaction of buying or selling securities for both investors is a transaction through the Stock Exchange of Thailand. It does not meet the criteria for submitting a tender offer

Incidentally, JCK Hospitality Public Company Limited or JCKH operates an agricultural and food processing business.

Structure of the top ten shareholders as of September 28, 2023

  • JC Kevin Development Company Limited owns 18.00% of the shares.
  • Mr. Atthawt Taishubun owns 8.50% of the shares.
  • Mr. Apichai Taishobun owns 5.95% of the shares.
  • Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. for depositors owns 5.84% of the shares.
  • Mr. Nabao Taishubun owns 5.00% of the shares.
  • Mr. Chotiwit Taechaubon owns 5.00% of the shares.
  • Thai NVDR Limited owns 3.02% of the shares.
  • Mr. Nachchapong Peeradechaphan owns 2.97% of the shares.
  • Ms. Thanapappa Cholasaivaan owns 2.13% of the shares.
  • Ms Kulethewa Chutiwistraat owns 1.79% of the shares.

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