The second generation AirPods Pro (USB-C) are more durable and smarter.

AirPods, the world’s most popular wireless headphones. It is one of the upgraded products. Apple recently introduced the second generation AirPods Pro with a charging case with MagSafe (USB–C).

Although the appearance is similar to the second generation AirPods Pro released last year, the interior has been upgraded, and the overall picture has become better in all respects, whether in hardware or software for listening to music, playing games, meetings, making phone calls, FaceTime, etc.

After Apple introduced the iPhone 15 series, one of the big changes was changing the charging system to the USB-C port from Lightning, which charges like a power bank that can be used to charge new wireless headphones, and this can be done directly. It also supports MagSafe wireless charging with the Apple Watch charger.

Additionally, it supports IP54 standards for additional dust resistance. Sweat-resistant and water-resistant help take it out for rough use. Be a fun friend while exercising.

As for software, when used with iOS17, new capabilities are gained. New features have been added that help use headphones for entertainment and ease of use. Along with simple use just let the headphones learn from the system we are using and they will adjust automatically.

Summary AirPods Pro 2nd Generation (USB-C) Available at 8,990 baht Audio performance for listening to music. While the battery is at the same level as the original model but obviously the noise cancellation or Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is twice better than before. The use has also become more convenient. The headphone system learns the user’s usage. And adjust the volume to your liking When talking with others, the volume in the headphones will be adjusted automatically. It will return to normal when the conversation stops. Help make the user experience better.

The new headphones are fully wireless, although the design remains the same. The headphone stem is the same as the original model. It comes with 4 pairs of silicone tips, XS, S, M, and L, to choose from to suit the user’s ear. You can test it on your iPhone. What’s changed is that the USB-C charging cable supports a voice “Hey Siri” command: play music, make phone calls, and listen to the weather forecast. Open the navigation map, etc. Battery Life: Listen to music for up to 6 hours, and 30 hours with the charging case

Control using your fingers via the headphone stem.

  • Move up and down to adjust or lower the volume.
  • Press once to play or stop music, answer the call.
  • Press twice, skip the song forward, end the call.
  • Press three times to return.
  • Press and hold to switch listening modes.

iOS17 has upgraded 3 new features.

1. Adaptive sound: sound that adapts to the environment. This new feature removes the ANC noise cancellation mode and external sound mode. (Transparency Mode) built-in by H2 chip helps adjust the noise control level. Depending on the sounds in the user’s environment, such as office chatter, sound can be heard and heard even when turned on in noise cancellation mode. The system will learn how to use all the time.

2. Customizing the volume will adjust the volume we would like to adjust. Using machine learning but will be stored on the device as the user’s personal information.

3. Awareness of the conversation will help filter out ambient sounds. What we listen to makes the sound louder. Hearing the voice of the person the user is talking to, such as ordering coffee in a café. The sound of music in your headphones will automatically become softer. The music returns after ordering coffee. It helps you not have to remove your headphones to talk a lot.

Additionally, there is a mute or unmute feature for more control over calls. More convenient Just press the earphone once. Press twice to end the call. As for the automatic switching feature, you can use it to switch between devices in the ecosystem, such as iPhone, iPad, and iMac, and switch back and forth easily and quickly.

Meanwhile, lossless audio has also been introduced when used with the Apple Vision Pro, which will be available next year. For extremely low-latency, lossless music listening, the H2 chip combined with wireless audio protocols unlocks 24-bit lossless audio at 48 kHz with dramatically lower latency. It will make you enjoy listening to the most advanced wireless audio.

The lessons Apple learned from the H2 chip help make the second-generation AirPods Pro with MagSafe Charging Case (USB–C) even smarter. It learns from user interactions and automates ease of use.

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