See with your own eyes the wonderful atmosphere! What do you want to say after the Wolverhampton-Newcastle match?

1. The atmosphere at the Wolves team’s home is excellent. The friendly football fans welcomed us, Korean football fans, very well (because their favorite star is now Hwang Hee Chan), and the local cheering was strong and loud.

In addition, 4 goals are scored in this game, and the madness rate is very high. I sat behind the door and felt so much emotion and feeling.

2. Wolves’ right winger, Pedro Neto, is really good at pulling and sliding. You can use your speed to your advantage and easily, not too much rhythm.

…Having said that, I suddenly thought of Anthony, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford before sighing.

3. Hwang Hee Chan plays the role of “target”. In addition to being agile, he is also diligent, patient and disciplined with morals. When the stadium announcer announced the name, we received the loudest cheers.

The moment we drew 2-2 with Wolves, I can tell you… I was shocked.

4.Referee Anthony Taylor and VAR are at the top of their game again.

The moment Newcastle won a penalty, the home team cheered. (including me) There was a snake in the entire field.

After watching the slow-motion footage during the half-time break, it emerged that the visitors were awarded a penalty when Hwang Hee Chan attempted to kick the ball into the penalty area, when the Magpies’ Fabian Schar charged in from the side. While the Korean players who waved their claws tried to stop them.

Suddenly…the Swiss player suddenly lost his balance on purpose.

The important thing is that VAR reviewed it for a long time and then confirmed the original decision.

Hmmmm…oh daddy oh daddy!!!

5. Fans of the home team have since also paid tribute to Brother Anthony by distributing “souvenirs” throughout the match.

Not only that, they were also kicked out to return to the wormhole at home. I saw it and really liked it haha.


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